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User Info: Keir21

8 years ago#1

Its nice to see Robert Carlyle on board as well as Patrick Stewart although it was slightly unexpected. For those who don't know Robert Carlyle has been in films such as 28 weeks later and the full monty. He seems to play the lead and i have high expectations.

User Info: vegafoo

8 years ago#2
Jason Isaacs is in it too. He was the bad guy in The Patriot and Lucious Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. Really good actor with a great voice.
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User Info: ParanoiaDragon

8 years ago#3
I may be the only one, but I ALWAYS prefer voice actors over real actors in games & cartoons! Those guys live on their voice acting ability, & I admire them. Plus, it seems like most(but not all) the time, actors always sound the same, while voice actors tend to tackle lot's of different types of voices in games/cartoons.
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User Info: DuneMan

8 years ago#4
That isn't necessarily true. Semi-famous voice actors aside, such as Crispin Freeman, you can still recognize a number of voice actors when you hear them. Besides, actors can change their voices around as well, and a number of them tend to win Oscars when they do. If an actor has a good voice, why not go with it...
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User Info: Keir21

8 years ago#5
I agree with above poster, I didn't realise it was Carlyle until my third viewing of the trailer.
Also @ Vegafoo, thanks for pointing that out, i didn't notice that either. Jason Isaacs is a great actor and i'm sure he'll do a great job here.

User Info: prostatic

8 years ago#6
This sort of criticism works both ways. The actors listed here have had to modulate their voices in the past more than once in their careers and work hard to drown out the HitG! noise, which is being taken up here as a silly quibble. If actors with mostly voice-overs on their resume were all that versatile in their skills or committed, why wouldn't they dip into live-action a little more often, hmmm? Before the answer "lack of ambition" is given, I'm going to have to laugh.

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