Pan's Temple Solution in 5 moves

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User Info: pherio

7 years ago#1
Move 1: Large Ring Clockwise
Move 2: Small Ring Clockwise
Move 3: Middle Ring Clockwise
Move 4: Small Ring Clockwise
Move 5: Large Ring Clockwise
MGO: Adkov

User Info: jediblaster

7 years ago#2
Wait, did someone ask for help with this puzzle? If not, why create something in this fashion w/o spoiler tags. You are not very good at this whole message board thing are you?

User Info: UberFunk83

7 years ago#3
In his defense, if you don't want to know what the solution to the puzzle, then you shouldn't check his thread, as it contains an obvious spoiler within clearly apparent in the title. And really, who cares if no one asked him for the solution? I don't really have a problem with frivolous posts. They come and go. And there may be someone out there that gets to this and says, "OH, I've seen these puzzles before! They suck. Lemme go check GameFaqs and see if there's anything posted."

All in all, take it for what it's worth. Now, let's all move on and get back to slaying the creatures of the night.
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User Info: jediblaster

7 years ago#4
He was very vague in this title. Was he asking a question in how to solve the trial, was he saying he did it? Hmmm, I don't know the art of peering into a thread w/o clicking on it yet. If you do, please share.

User Info: DrachenBaren

7 years ago#5
Does it really matter?

Now I get to tag this topic in case I do find myself stuck at this later. I have no idea what this is in reference too but yeah, the puzzle may be more trouble than its worth and now I know a quick place to check.

User Info: DuneMan

7 years ago#6
He might be implying that Pan's Temple is the spoiler. Some people insist that a place's name, even if it isn't a crucial plot element, somehow spoils a portion of the game. In this case though, it isn't really a spoiler. You don't know who Pan is, what the Temple is like, why you're there, or what you're expected to do there (aside from at least one puzzle).
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User Info: UberFunk83

7 years ago#7
I'm guessing that Pan is in the booklet as one of the characters. He's appeared in many of the trailers. I guess that there is a "Pan's Temple" could be construed as a spoiler, but it would seem to me that if you're that picky about your spoilers, you wouldn't be spending your time, release day, on this board searching through topics.

Also, am I the only one that thinks the title was self-explanatory? It says he's posting the solution for that puzzle that he got in five steps? Maybe it's just me...
Drop yer coat and grab yer toes. I'm gonna show you where the wild goose goes...

User Info: Stravacca

7 years ago#8
Well about Pan, at least the TC didn't say the real spoiler...
As help thread, it's good - it doesn't spoil anything story-wise.

User Info: Hypnotizer

7 years ago#9
Thank you! I needed this. And to the person who was ragging on you, I would have asked for help with this anyway!
Peace and love!

User Info: JoeBuck80

7 years ago#10
NM them pherio, was about to look this up as well.

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