9-4 The Music Box (spoilers)

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User Info: RPGam34z

7 years ago#1
Just because I feel like being helpful, here's a little guide I through together.

Are you ready for, quite possibly, one of the most challenging puzzles in the game? It's not as bad as it looks, because it's pretty much all about timing and with this mini guide I will try to help you out as much as I can.

So, when you first get magicked into the box grab the green cylinder floating in front of you. The camera will shift to a mechanism on the wall that has 5 slots and a button. Go up to it and press R2 to insert the cylinder and then press X to play it.


Once it starts playing, head to the corridor that the camera shifts to that is lined with spikes. As the green cylinder plays for twenty seconds, there's a counter on the bottom of the screen, the spikes will shrink back and strike out. YOU ONLY HAVE THESE TWENTY SECONDS TO RUN THROUGH THE TRAP. The spikes will shrink back about 3 times during these twenty seconds, so wait before the spikes first shrink back before sprinting down the corridor. There is a dead soldier in the middle of the spikes, and I'm not sure if you can grab the Life Gem (#26) he holds from the start of the spikes or not, because I just used one of my runs to grab it. In any case, after you run through the spike trap grab the red cylinder and step on the glowing floor panel so that Baba can take you back to the start of the maze.


Put the new cylinder in the music mechanism and switch its position with the green one before playing it. There are platform traps to the north and east corridors of your position, but you want to go down the east one this time. YOU ONLY HAVE FIFTEEN SECONDS TO MAKE IT ACROSS THIS TRAP. For this trap: the first platform will come up at 11 seconds, the second platform will come up at 7 seconds, the first platform will drop at 6 seconds, the third platform will come up just before 3 seconds, and the second platform drops at 2 seconds before the trap shuts off. Essentially, you want to jump to the second platform just before 7 shows up on screen and you can either wait for the third platform or double jump to the other side. Now, once you make it past that trap, head west to find another spike corridor. It's just like the first one, so wait for the spikes to shrink back and then sprint down the hallway. Grab the purple cylinder and let Baba take you back.


Put the new cylinder in the device on the wall and switch it with the green one. Play them again and go to the east again, jumping across the platforms once again, but heading to the right this time. YOU ONLY HAVE EIGHTEEN SECONDS TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TRAP. And, really, it's more than enough time. Once the saw blades at the bottom shrink back, head up to the gears, and, just before you hit them, roll under them. Make sure you're not standing on the spike holes before the 18 seconds are up or you'll have to start the music over again. When you make it through, grab the yellow cylinder and step on the glowing circle.

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User Info: RPGam34z

7 years ago#2

Put your shiny yellow cylinder into the wall and switch it with the purple one before playing them again. Go north this time, jumping across the platforms just like before, and head west once you make it across. YOU ONLY HAVE EIGHTEEN SECONDS TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TRAP. This one is a little tricky, so be careful. When the music first starts playing, the flames will turn off, BUT DO NOT GO THROUGH IT BECAUSE THEY WILL START AGAIN RIGHT AWAY, and it's more than just the two jets. You'll have to time it just right so that you start sprinting as soon as the group of flames goes out, because the first flame will start back up nearly half a second after the group of flames goes out. BUT DON'T SPRINT TOO FAR, as there is a second group of flames! These turn off and on a lot faster than the first set, so you have two options: 1. Turn on your shadow magic and dash through it, or 2. Do two rolls through it. Both require precise timing or else you won't make it and you'll have to go through the first set of flames again. And if you wait too long on the second set you'll get skewered by the spike trap that activates when the yellow music runs out. Gross. But, once you make it through the trap, you'll be rewarded with the last cylinder, the blue cylinder. Head back to the start and let's finish this frustrating level.


Put the blue cylinder into the device and switch it with the yellow one. Now, before we finish the level, we're going to take a little detour to grab a Light Magic Gem, so switch the yellow cylinder with the green one and hit the go button. Your cylinder set-up should be: Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green. If it isn't, put them in that order and play the music the right way this time. Jump across the platforms and head north to the lightning trap. YOU ONLY HAVE FIFTEEN SECONDS TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TRAP. This one is also tricky, but it's easier than the flame trap in my opinion. When the blue music stops, the lightning will turn off, don't let this fool you as it will start up again right away. There are 5 sets of lightning rods, and they turn off and on in a repeating sequence. I will call them 1-5, starting with 1 in the front. First, 1 and 4 will turn on, second, 2 and 5, and finally just 3 before the cycle repeats. They will turn on and off in one second, so that's how long you have to move between the spots. Just time your moves carefully and you'll make it through. The second part of the trap is a lot simpler. There's another 5 sets of lightning rods, but there's no strange sequence this time. They just turn on one after other before starting over. If you can time it just right, for either section of this trap, you can literal just walk right through it. Next, the purple cylinder should play, which will activate the saw blade trap in front of you. Treat it just like the first one. Once you make it through, head to the left and you'll be met with another flame trap. Carefully make your way through it and you'll find another dead soldier with that Light Magic Gem I told you about (#26). Snag it and head back to the beginning.

Switch the yellow cylinder with the green cylinder, and hit play. Jump across the platforms, walk carefully through the lightning rods, roll under the saw blades, and head to the right this time to sprint through your final corridor of spikes. Did you make it? Are you all in one piece? Excellent! Claim Baba's prize and she'll magic you out of the music box. Unlike what you might expect, she actually keeps her promise and sends you on your way to the Land of the Dead. And hopefully Patrick Stewart will keep to his word and kill her so that no one has to do her stupid music box again. Well…until you want to do the trial that is.
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User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
7 years ago#3
here is a pic of the Map

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User Info: RPGam34z

7 years ago#4
Thank you!

Please note that my cardinal directions do not correspond with that map, but rather the direction Gabriel is facing when he gets to a new platform.
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User Info: Lord_Yggdrassil

7 years ago#5
absolutely HATED that level. It's gonna be the last level i do on Paladin.

User Info: Chilly82

7 years ago#6
Difficult? What the heck are you kidding me? Other than the hard timing on the flamethrowers it isn't that bad. A lot of other puzzles were way harder.

User Info: fallout03

7 years ago#7
This level was surprisingly easy. I recommend doing the Trial with Paladin difficulty....either way if you get hit you die or lose the trial, so best just to do them together.
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