City planning maps: whose is the best?

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User Info: Tim_Morgan

8 years ago#1


This is a complicated problem since u have to put as many houses as possible within the maximum rank of the churches, surgeons, ...for 100% efficiency and min.reduction of the maintaing costs.

And, post your best maps for others' ref, tks.

User Info: sirjasperius

8 years ago#2
For the most part it's a real trial and error process, you should play a continuous game without opponents and take time to space manage. However MrUtada_1109 has a great starting guide here

if you would like just pictures then here:
Civilian structures
Pier production

good luck! Keep practicing!

User Info: F1_2004

8 years ago#3
Here is how I like to organize my city; basically in 2x4 house grids, but flexible. Organized yet natural at the same time, if I do say so myself :P

here's a cleaned-up version with peasant houses:

I do something similar for crops, only the rectangular grids are bigger.

User Info: Tim_Morgan

8 years ago#4

Thanks for your helpful advices. m8s.

Meanwhile, keep posting if any best strategy maps for our ref.

User Info: link1250

8 years ago#5
this thread has a ton of good production layouts:
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User Info: Tim_Morgan

8 years ago#6
Thanks again

User Info: MrUtada_1109

8 years ago#7
Overall, It depends on your view of how you want your city to be and look like.

as sirjasperius had already given out my pictures of how my i placed my city, this is actually the way the A.I. did for their city, but as for the production building placement, it was adapted from the A.I.

but i don't remember when i decided to go for less road travel than saving on maintenance cost.

User Info: Tim_Morgan

8 years ago#8

Sure. Your city planning is impressive. It's helpful.

User Info: mowc

8 years ago#9
I stopped planning when every single house that isn't covered starts an inferno or the plague. Usually, you'd skip a house or two when there's a better coverage in another position for more houses.
But no, not with surgeries or carpenter. Skip a house in the influence area, the game WILL start the plague/set it on fire. Hence I'm forced to put those in awkward places, usually to cover a single house, messing up plans in the process.
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User Info: F1_2004

8 years ago#10
That's because houses not in carpenter range fall into disrepair and eventually set on fire. Fire doesn't pick a random house and start burning :P same with surgeries and plague I think.
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