How do I enjoy this game?

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User Info: PNB

7 years ago#1

This isn't supposed to be a flame or anything, but an honest question, I don't know how to enjoy the game

I had this single core PC which really could not handle the game at all, at some point every hour ingame was taking like 10s IRL to pass, and it was just unbearably slow, so today, after I got a new PC, I tried the game again and still just couldn't get into it

I have no previous experience with HoI2, just saw someone playing it, once, a long time ago, and got interested, I also had no experience with EU games, but recently I got EU3 and I gotta say, I really liked it, took me a bit to get into it but after I got that part done, I couldn't stop playing for days

So I'm guessing this game is pretty much the same, after playing EU3 I can see there are some familiar concepts in both games and all, but for the first months/years, I basically just let the game play by itself at max speed while I go watch TV or something while it does some research and stuff, also, depending on the country, I wait for my 10 spies to slowly lower my neutrality so I can declare war and actually start playing the war game after like 20 hours or so "playing", am I doing something terribly wrong here or is this normal?

And also, when the war starts, I honestly haven't much of an idea of what is going on, I don't know if I'm losing the battles, if I'm winning, if it's a sure victory/defeat, or anything, makes me feel like a total retard staring at my screen watching the little men shooting eachother for hours having no idea what the hell is going on

Any tips or anything to say at all about this or should I just give up on it?

User Info: prancingz

7 years ago#2

When i first started playing this,i hated it.Now there i am starting to like it after learning a bit more,this game cant be learned in one hour, i know.i am still trying to figure out how the command (HQ)structure breaks down and how to merge units.i am really wondering how to merge units so that they are a combined arms army groupor is this possable?anyway there must be a simple way to do this do you know how to merge units?can units be merged?

User Info: Lolz911

7 years ago#3
Well as for the issue of lag, yah near the 1940s and up, the game gets laggy and slows down. What i do to usually speed it up if I have to is I scroll out all the way and move to a completely shaded area with no units and it tends to go back to almost the same speed but its faster then the 3-10s per Hour tick. As for enjoying the game, you have to be able to tolerate game flaws at time, especially in this game where there are many sadly. The game is being updated at paradox's fastest I suppose but until then you simply have to be able to tolerate its lag. Once you can do that, when playing the game itself it depends if you like being a militaristic guy in an RTS. This game is pure military strategy, hence why its an RTS, and you have to be an actual avid fan of it since in this game it is more complex and has many more factors to it then your standard say starcraft,warcraft, or Age of Empires game. The way you want to play and "enjoy" the game is all up to you and what you want to do in it, but if you can't really like try and tolerate the lag, because yes it does get annoying, then might as well not continue to play it.

As for merging of units, if you drag over a number of divisions, you will see it will like do a sound of a gun and then it will have all these units selected normally on the top left side of your screen. There is a button near the top of all of the selected units and its a yellow one with two arrows going like this ---> <--- . Thats the merge button

User Info: rhays89

7 years ago#4
Use the USA. Join the Axis. Invade North and South America. That was my favorite.

User Info: Sharzakenator

7 years ago#5
^^God yes that was a fun campaign (although I never joined the Axis, I just went solo) I took over Canada in eight hours through judicious use of light tanks, IIRC they don't have a single VP that's not adjacent to your border.

User Info: Cyberimbazombie

7 years ago#6
If you have a problem with lag i suggest that you lower the resolution and other graphical settings and close firefox and other programs running in the background, I've never had a problem with lag and i have played with 12 players online.

Unless you play a very neutral country like Sweden or Ireland (which is boring) you don't have to lower your neutrality much but if you want to declare war on another nation that is not in a faction or not gained from events you also have to use spies in that country to increase the threat they pose to you.

It's also better and easier to play with counters (letters instead of units) and you know that you are winning a battle when the arrow is green, when the arrow is yellow the battle is even and when red your losing. When attacking it's good to have a higher number on the arrow and when defending a low one.

The best tactic is usually flanking and using units from many provinces in the same battle and then advancing slowly with one unit at a time. But you'll probably get better the further you play. Once you learn the game you'll find out how awesome it is.

User Info: Gebatron

7 years ago#7

I understand. Sometimes it can take a long time to start to see your plans start to unfold. It can be frustrating. Once I got past some of the learning curve, which I think is steep, the game became more rewarding. I started in 1936 and just figured out the HQ system now that I'm in 1943. Once more complex controls are learned the game makes itself easier.

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