Actually ain't that bad

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User Info: Iqscreed

8 years ago#1
Just got the game and although the graphics are no rock band or guitar hero it's actually a fun game. Unlike the screen shots the PS2 does indeed use all 5 buttons on the guitar.
You play at different venues and unlock other venues by beating the songs.
There are three meters Your solo meter which opens the song for solo use, Fan meter which gains you fans to unlock outfits and such and your explosion meter which is like a star meter.
You also can go into a recording studio and make a video which helps you garner more fans.
The songlist ain't too bad
Overall I'd give it a 7 out of 10

User Info: bcks

8 years ago#2
Can you use a ps2 guitar for this game? I'm asking cause there is no back box art for this game.

User Info: CourtofOwls

8 years ago#3
what's the full song list? there's only a partial one

User Info: Iqscreed

8 years ago#4
any guitar should work don't know about the wireless ones though.
Song list
Popstar Guitar songlist

1. When Iím Gone 3 Doors Down
2. Itís not my Time 3 Doors Down
3. Dirty Little Secret All American Rejects
4. Move Along All American Rejects
5. Makes Me Wonder Maroon 5
6. Wake Up Call Maroon 5
7. Shut Up and Drive Rihanna
8. All the Small Things Blink 182
9. Welcome to My Life Simple Plan
10. S.O.S. Jonas Brothers
11. See You Again Miley Cyrus
12. Thanks fr th mmrs Fallout Boy
13. Sugar weíre Going Down Fallout Boy
14. Misery Business Paramore
15. Our Time Now Plain White Tís
16. Hot Avril Lavigne
17. Girlfriend Avril Lavigne
18. Dance Floor Anthem Good Charlotte
19. Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson
20. Face Down Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
21. Anna Molly Incubus
22. Suddenly I See KT Tunstall
23. Howís it Going to Be Third Eye Blind
24. 1985 Bowling for Soup
25. I Write Sins Not Tradgedies Panic at the Disco
26. Before He Cheats Carrie Underwood
27. Hero/Heroine Boys like Girls
28. The Saints are Coming Green Day + U2
29. Honestly Cartel
30. Itís Not Over Daughtry
31. So Cool Vibrolux
32. Sweet Rock ní Roll Vibrolux
33. Across the World Red Horizon
34. When the Rain Comes Down Again Zox
35. Go The Hin
36. High and Dry Valeze
37. Glitterbug Slinky Vagabond
38. White Lightning The Premiums
39. Heaven Help Us All The Premiums
40. All I Really Want The Premiums
41. Car Crash Day After
42. On the Rocks Lez Zeppelin
43. In Vain Under the Flood
44. Renovators Boogie Renovators
45. All She Left Was the Blues Renovators
46. Hear me Talkiní Blues Kings
47. Wonder Hyper Maru
48. Broken Wings Slant
49. The Best of the Worst Mitch Allan
50. Setting Sun Terra Diablo
51. Since you Walked Out my Door Blues Kings
52. Donít Say Anything Mojophonic
53. See you Around Dimtribe
54. One Last Time Dimtribe
55. Better Off Dimtribe
56. Start a Fire Fractional
57. Are you Afraid Fractional
58. Too Far Gone Fractional
59. Control Weedeeter
60. Guilty Weedeeter
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