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User Info: Syn_Shenron

8 years ago#1


1.-What is this Game?

It´s called Dragon Ball Z Infinite World, exclusive for PS2, and the last one for this system. It was released Nov 4th – 2008, here in America

2.- Is this Budokai 3 (B3) or it´s Especial/Modded edition??

Nope, it´s a whole NEW game that uses the same B3 engine, but have a new gameplay, faster fights, new moves, with new characters and Ultimates.

They tried to make a new B3´s like game with Shin Budokai series fast placed fighting, like the ones you know on PSP.

3.-Is this like the Budokai Tenkaichi series??

No. As I said it´s looks exactly the same as Budokai series, so it´s a side scroller with the possibility of doing sidesteps with attacks performed in real time, and some of the Ultimates are cutscenes and others are real time aswell.

4.-Is this game Online?

No, it´s offline but allows multiplayer (VS) just like the good´ol Budokais.

5.- Does this game have Tag Team

Nope, it´s 1 vs 1 as usually.

6.- What´s new in this game then?

A) New Characters:

-GT Kid Goku
-GT Vegeta
-Gt. Sayawoman
-BabyVegeta (Form 3)
-Super Android 17
-Syn Shenron form for Omega Shenron.

B) Lots of New Ultimates. Now ALL characters have at least one, while others like Goku or Brolly have 2 Ultimates. Many of them are in real time like in BL or Shin Budokai, while other are cutscenes like in B3.

C) New Fight system, now it´s FAST placed like the Shin Budokai series
(well actually a little bit slower than these but it´s still pretty fast)

You can also have access to almost all the moves the characters had in DBZ: Another Road, like Power Guard, Aura Burst, between many others, plus the old B3 features.

Also unlike BL you CAN charge Ki in this game (thanks God) and use it strategically.

7.- Where are all the New stages??

BTW… I had saw NO NEW STAGES so far and I have 100% of capsules, there is NO HFIL (Janemba´s Hell Stage from Shin Budokai) either. So we got the same stages from B3.

8.- Where are Cell Jr. Android 19, Kid Uub, Zaarbon, Dodoria, Zalsa, Kid Goku (DB) and Supreme Kai from B3??

-They AREN´T in the game, for some lame and unexplainable reason… you know DIMPS, they can´t do anything right without mess 3 more things that were right in the previous game.

9.- And what about Eis/Nova Shenron, Arale, Chiaotzu, Mighty Mask, Gral. Rilldo, more Ginyu Force members and Tag Team Ultimates that appeared in the Trailers??

There was a BIG confusion with some of the released trailers on youtube, as one of these that looks exactly the same as this game, showed these characters but ISN´T this game. That one is a Card Based DBZ game exclusive for Japan in which roost figures these characters and moves. It´s called DBZ: Cardass and have nothing to do with this game, sorry.

10.- Also… Where are the Special Characters from B3 Limited Edition or AF modded editions like King Piccolo, Frieza with Hoover chair, the Buu´s alt absorptions, the fusions from B2 like Tiensha and Gokule, and Kuriza??

They AREN´T in for whatever reason, but at least Buccolo is back now.

Which modes does it have?

Story/Missions Mode
VS Mode
Capsule Shop/Management
Fighters Road
(Kinda like Dragon Arena from B3 you can change maps by pressing L1/R1, so don´t forget this or you will be missing a capsule)
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User Info: Syn_Shenron

8 years ago#2
 This game have NO Tournament mode

11.- Which Difficult Levels are there?

Very Hard
Very Easy

(You have to buy Z and Very Hard difficult levels in the shop)
(Also, the higher the level, the more money you will get from the fights.)

12.- How do I unlock characters/transformations/stages/costumes/fighter Road?

Simply play trough Mission/Story Mode with Goku, till you finish it.
Once you did that, you can replay all sagas again but using different characters, so keep it up till you finish the GT saga and enter the Movie/TV specials saga to unlock the capsule of the movie characters.

The above thing will ONLY unlock the capsules of these characters in the Shop, so you have to go buy them (2000 zennie each one) to be able to play as them, same with transformations, you have to BUY the green capsule for that character and EQUIP it.

Characters with multiple forms have to buy the capsule several times but it will only use 1 green slot.

Stages, Costumes and Moves/Ultimates can be unlocked by buying their capsules in the shop as well.

13.- How do I use Items/capsules

Yellow Capsules have to be activated manually and can be used once per fight. Equip them and use them by holing G (X button) + Down, Down.

Many Green Capsules are used automatically, as they are for status/ attribute, while others need to be triggered like transformations (O + Down) or starts when certain events happens in battle (like Majin Vegeta, Metal Cooler or Mecha Frieza transformations)

14.- How can I transform?

Buy the transformation Capsule (Green), equip it and with enough Ki bars press Down + O to transform.

But watch out, you can now be knocked back to Base form, not only SSJ but other villains like Omega Shenron, which is DUMB.

15.- Why I can´t use X Move/Ultimate?

Check if you already equipped it and that you selected a “Custom” character. If so, then maybe you need to transform further in order to use these moves.

16.- Why do I have to buy the same lame capsule several times??

-Each time you buy it, it will do more damage or have improved capabilities for Fussions/transformations, status, etc…

17.- Why my characters have No moves or Ultimates??

Because you have to BUY the capsules first and then EQUIP them on your characters.

You can do this in the Shop and equip them in the Capsule management menu or the character select screen.

Other reason can be that your character needs to transform first in order to use these Moves or Ultimates.

18.- Are there Beam/Ball Struggles in IW, like the ones in B3??

Nope, Dimps messed things up again and this game has NO Beam struggles, as weird as it sounds. At least the game is fast placed enough to make us forget about this dumb mistake.

19.- Why Syn Shenron can´t use his moves if they are already equipped??

Because he can´t use any special moves unless it´s transformed into Omega Shenron.
Another foolish mistake from Dimps.

20.-Why Videl/Hercule/Pan can´t Teleport Counter?

They CAN´T perform Teleport Counters, and there is NO capsule to change this fact. However you can use this to your advantage, especially in the Tournament Stage, where you can dodge and spam throws for rings outs without spending Ki.

21.- What are the Dragon Balls for in this game?

They are for summon Shenron, but it will give you pointless capsules that you can buy in the Shop, so It´s NOT even worthy of your time IMO.

It WON´T give you special capsules or secret characters.
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User Info: Syn_Shenron

8 years ago#3
22.-Where can I get the DB?

You can get these in the stages where you have to collect portals, simply press TRIANGLE (keep it pressed) to locate a DB.

The fastest method I had found is to repeat the Mission where you find the DB for Bulma in Story mode. (Buu Saga).

23.-How do I catch Bubbles?

Press TRIANGLE to catch him up, don´t just step on him.

You have to time well your catch tough and NEVER run straight at close range, just Zig Zag it till you are near and press triangle, with a bit of luck you will do it in less than a minute.

24.-How do I keep Cell stunned in the Neo Tri Beam Mini Game with Tien??

Again… just time well your blasts, don´t fire repeatedly, instead just fire once with O and quickly press SQUARE to gain energy but keep Cell ALWAYS in the middle of the range of the hands, follow it till it stops for a second and Shoot again to stun him… repeat till the time runs out.

25.- How do I kill Kid Buu/ Frieza/ Majin Vegeta from Hell??

1.-BUY the capsule named “FIGHTERS BODY” and upgrade it till max, then equip it, you will have now a large health bar.

2.-Buy and equip Senzu Bean and upgrade it aswell to regain lost health, by pressing G + down, down.

3.-Open the 3rd slot for Goku by buying it on the shop, and equip some other item like unlimited energy or Unlimited Ki, you will do more damage, or you can upgrade the kame hame ha to do more damage.

4.-Learn to juggle/cancel/combo teleport and at least… how to perform a Ki Blast after a combo for more damage.

5.-Lure your enemy into a Teleport Counter and then a Pursuing attack for great damage.

Charge Ki to MAX and then press the “B” button (Aura Burst) to have a pseudo shield that protects you from low/medium blows. While in that state you can perform Ultimates with less chance of the enemy to knock you down, and the best thing is that you can do UNLIMITED teleport counter attacks.

So get close and spam forward+ X to do the counter when the enemy strike and then press C (L1) repeatedly to do a pursuit attack.
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User Info: Syn_Shenron

8 years ago#4
26.- How do I get tons of Zennie (MONEY)?

First of all I must say that is EASY to get tons of Money in this game, so don´t be afraid of the expensive items in the shop, as I got 100% of the capsules in less than a week.

1.-You can get money by fighting trough Story Mode and Fighters Road.
The higher the difficulty and the better the performance in the fight, the more Zennie you will get.

2.-The BEST method I found to get money is to finish Story Mode once and keep doing Side Missions till you get to Buu Saga. There you will face Mr Satan (Hercule) VS A-18. The only thing you have to do is to let Mr. Satan ring you out.

And to increase the money prize you NEED to but 2 capsules:

a) WE GOT THE POWER (WGTP) (A Green Capsule)
Upgrade it to max. It surely is expensive but buy this one before any other capsule as it worth all the money. It multiply the Money you get from Missions or fights.

b) Buy Higher Difficulty Capsule Twice
To get Very Hard and Z Difficulty.

Once you do that, EQUIP the WGTP capsule and be sure to put the difficult on Z. When the fight starts just run away to the ring´s border and let Hercule throw you out of the ring…. As easy as it was it will give you 90 000 Zennie each one. I was able to reach the max Money level that is 99 999.900 in less than 20 mins. Just repeat it at will.

To make things easier, just go to the plataform´s border and press (and Hold) Power Guard (X, then L1 and hold) so Hercule will perform a Throw almost automatically and will ring you out in less than 10 seconds per match. If things goes wrong you can simply press start and “retry” the match to reset the positions and do it again in less than a second.

3.-Another great method that gives you between 190 K and 260 K per match... but that can fail often, is to keep fighting against the last Goku in the first map in Fighters Road mode (The one in the Tournament Stage) and trying to ring out Goku each time.

You can get the Max money in 4 fights with WGTP equipped, but Goku won´t fall out from the ring easily, so I often use Omega Shenron, get close to the ring border and charge Ki to max, wait till Goku is close and attacking me to press L2 for Aura Burst and spam teleport counters till Goku is out of the ring. Be sure to equip “Evassion Essentials” capsule to half the cost of the Teleport Dodge. Also and Unlike Mission mode, you can´t retry the match and this Goku is a Spirit Bomb/Dragon Fist spammer but it´s worthy.

27.- How do I unlock the upgraded versions of We Got The Power??

You unlock the normal ones simply by doing (and finish) Story mode, as the further you go, the higher level skill will be available on the shop.

The last upgrade for WGTP only appears after you defeated the last Goku match in the first map in Fighters Road mode, it costs 300 000 Zennie, and it´s a Lv 5 skill, but it´s 100% worthy as it´s multiply x 2.0 the money you get.

28.- Why am I stuck at 99% capsules??

You have to finish ALL Fighters Road mode in order to unlock the last capsule on the shop.

To do that you should press the R1/L1 buttons on the map screen of Fighters Road to go to another maps.

Actually this is something many of us missed the first time, when we tough we were done with this mode after cleared the first map.

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User Info: Syn_Shenron

8 years ago#5
29.- Which capsules do you suggest to upgrade first??

I highly recommend to upgrade capsules in this order:

a) Fighters Body (It will increase your Health Level)
b) Senzu Bean (Recovers your health and Ki)
c) We Got The Power (Buy it asap, as it will multiply your money)
d) As the main story is played with Goku, upgrade the Kame hame Ha and the Spirit BombDragon Fist capsules.
e) You should Upgrade “Essentials of Evasions” or “Full Power” capsules to upper your dodge and attack skills.
f) Buy the 3rd and 4th slots for Goku. In order to equip more skills, it´s life saver against Kid Buu from hell, 100% Frieza or Majin Vegeta.

30.- Is the Mecha Frieza´s Ultimate Blast Glitch from B3 fixed??

Yes it is, now even Mecha Frieza can use Death Ball thanks to the new capsule system.

31.- Is the Shop Random like with Mr. Popo from Hell or with Launch sneezing and make the shop loading time larger??

Thanks God, NO. This time the shop isn´t random, so you decide what and when to buy capsules, no more random crap in this one.

32.- List of Characters :

Goku (Base, Kaioh Ken, SSJ1 to SSJ4, Base & SSJ Vegetto, SSJ & SSJ4 Gogeta)
Goku (GT) (Base, SSJ, SSJ3, SSJ4)
Kid Gohan (Unlock Potential)
Teen Gohan (SSJ 1 & 2)
Adult Gohan (SSJ1,2 & Mystic form)
Great Saiyaman
Great Saiyawoman
Kid Goten (SSJ, Gotenks Base, SSJ1, SSJ3)
Vegeta (SSJ1,2,4 Majin Vegeta, Base & SSJ Vegetto, SSJ & SSJ4 Gogeta)
Vegeta (GT) (SSJ1, SSJ4, SSJ4 Gogeta)
Kid Trunks (SSJ, Gotenks Base, SSJ1, SSJ3)
Future Trunks (SSJ1)
Pan (GT)
Piccolo (Fuse with Kami)
Krillin (Unlock Potential)
Hercule (High Tension)
Captain Ginyu
Frieza (Base, Form 2, 3 , Final and 100% final form, Mecha Frieza)
Cooler (Base, Final Form, Metal Cooler)
Android #16
Android #17
Android #18
Dr. Gero
Cell (Imperfect, Semi Perfect, Perfect and Super Perfect Forms)
Fat Buu
Daarbura (Evil Will)
Super Buu (Buccolo, Buutenks, Buuhan)
Kid Buu
Broly (Suppressed SSJ and LSSJ)
Baby Vegeta (Form 3)
Super 17
Syn Shenron (Omega Shenron)

As I said, there are NO secret Characters other than these listed above, I have 100% Capsules and NONE of these were included:

Cell Jr
Kid Uub
Android 19
Supreme Kai
Kid Goku from DB
King Piccolo alt for Piccolo
Eis/Nova Shenron
General Rilldo
Frieza with hoover chair

Also as I said before, there are NO new stages, NO HFLI stage and NO Tournament mode.
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User Info: Asbel__Lhant

8 years ago#6
This is great. Hope it gets stickied.

User Info: chaosinuyasha

8 years ago#7
Just so you know Future Trunks can go SSJ2 as well.
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User Info: Syn_Shenron

8 years ago#8
Majin Buump!
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User Info: D_Winds

8 years ago#9
This is gunna end up getting stickied.
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User Info: jbomb1234

8 years ago#10
Wow, thats a lotof info. Thanks.
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