When Goku is fighting Frieza

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User Info: Brolide

8 years ago#1
When Goku is fighting Frieza and Frieza drives Goku into the lava and Gohan says that his father's power signal has disappeared, did Goku really die or did he just hide his power signal to buy some time for his friends to escape? At first I thought that he had died and that the wish by the dragon to revive everybody that Frieza had killed just restored him, but that would be impossible since Goku has already been wished back by the Earth's dragon. So what really happened?
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User Info: Kaiiwa

8 years ago#2
Only a trollish troll from a land of trolls who could think something so trollishly trollish and noobish awaits the 'fail face'

User Info: BDKMRV

8 years ago#3
He died.
Ok. That's nice to know, but just call me BDK.
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User Info: TEHNEWB

8 years ago#4
Goku did not die. Anyone who thinks that he did die is silly.
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8 years ago#5
Filler scene put in by the animation company to fill up time while Akira Toeriyama was writing the manga for them

Ever wonder why the action stops in the middle of the climactic battle to save the universe so we can follow Bulma around for 2 straight episodes outwitting all of Friezas already dead Henchmen and frog Ginyu?Now you know
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User Info: Nick_Kazama

8 years ago#6
Wasn't it water instead of lava in the manga?

And nope, he didn't die!
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User Info: gotron228

8 years ago#7
It's stupid to think he died how do you think Porunga said Goku is still alive when they try to wish him back?

User Info: KINGR1P

8 years ago#8
^^LOL! Wait........What..?
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User Info: FlashOfLight

8 years ago#9
Honestly, I always had a problem with it from the way it looked, since it seemed to be so long, and whatever your argument - Goku did show up AFTER the wish. The main problem there though (again from the anime perspective) is that Frieza was already about to leave, and on top of that Gohan showed up, which was a dangerous situation, and Goku really didn't show up until Gohan had already tried.

So <0-o> but, officially it is supposed to be that he wasn't wished back, but still, Frieza got him there.
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User Info: NYCKing87

8 years ago#10
Uh, I thought everyone knew the answer to this question.

Goku did in fact die. What happened was that the Namek dragon wished everyone that Frieza killed back to life as soon as Goku died by falling in the lava.
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