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User Info: hyper12

9 years ago#1
No stupid jokes made yet? I am baffled...
I tried to be open minded but I was afraid my brain would fall out.

User Info: Red_Pandemonium

9 years ago#2
I'll make one. Just hang on....
You Know You're a Gymnast When...

You are on your hands as much as your feet.

Leotards and biker shorts become more comfy than clothes.

You have the urge to stick instead of saying hi.

Changing into a leotard in less than one minute becomes easy.

You're able to put on or take off dowel grips in 30 seconds flat.

Swinging bars with rips becomes the norm.

You recycle everything from grips to leotards.

The gym becomes your second home.

Your bedroom is clean because you are never in it.
Your gymbag is a pigsty because you are always in it.

Potentially hazardous sports are off-limits until after National

You hear football players complaining of "turf toe" and laugh at the simplicity of their foot problems.

You can beat all the boys doing chin-ups, push-ups and sit-ups.

Karate is a no-no because you find it hard to kick with flexed feet.

Listening to Compulsory music is a curse.

You become a master in the field of hand health care.

When waiting in line at the mall you stand in fifth posistion.

You fall asleep in splits.

When someone says "bars" you don't think of jail or drinking.

You worry more about having water than food.

You call your dad "Coach" and your coach "Dad" on a regular basis.

You wonder why the average person goes to touch their toes and can't get past their knees without groaning.

You go to grab something off the floor and your leg shoots up to a perfect scale.

You're not sure if the mirror has become your friend or your enemy.

You start counting in school, "And one and two and three and four."

You stay up for three hours the night before a meet gluing rhinestones on your leotard.

Being corrected isn't considered an insult

You rant and rave about the joy of stretching out.

You learn how to laugh and make light of a mistake at a meet.

You think the best cure for a sprained ankle is to tumble on it.

You can't run more than a few steps without doing a hurdle step and round-off..
A harbal strokin cat is sitting in your box. Are you a bad enough dude to get it back?

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