Aaaaan Cave announces an XBLA port....

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User Info: Cantido

7 years ago#1

It's called Guwange, instead of flying, you're walking on the ground. And there is blood. A lot of it. It looks dated, but the action is still Cave.

They are GETTING my moneys.
Two Pyramid Heads walk into a bar.
There were no survivors.

User Info: Arguro

7 years ago#2
I'd be more likely to buy if it were a retail game. I hate paying money and having nothing to put out on display. If it is 400 points I will buy. 800 and I will wait for reviews to come in. Any more and I won't buy.
Limited Editions Rule!

User Info: samxx1x

7 years ago#3
400 points? No. The dlc for Mushi was 1200.
Bad guys have all the fun.
He's bad, but he'll die. So I like it

User Info: robotecha5

7 years ago#4

Aw hell yeah, this is one of Cave's best. Better than DonDonPachi IMO, Def buy

User Info: BlackChristmas

7 years ago#5
@ Arguro

Trust me you don't need reviews. This game is definitely worth 800 points. You can try it on MAME if you want.

User Info: InvisibleYogurt

7 years ago#6
Yeah, Guwange has emulated almost perfectly on MAME for a really long time now.

Even still, gonna buy this to support Cave. Leaderboards will be nice to have too.

User Info: LastWindow

7 years ago#7
I've put so many hours into this. Looking forward to putting more in now. Cave. <3

User Info: Wed_Niatnuom

7 years ago#8
I want to believe you, and as soon as I'm dona on GameFAQs I'm gonna go try to find the official announcement (that you didn't provide a link to).

I would have preferred a retail release too. I have Mushihimesama Futari, Espgaluda II and Deathsmiles. Would have been nice to add this to my collection of physical copies. But I guess I gotta take what I can get. So, XBLA means no soundtrack, no boxart, no manual, no extras. But hey, it's another Cave game so... win.
Gamertag/PSN: Paedin
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User Info: Wed_Niatnuom

7 years ago#9
Found this:
Gamertag/PSN: Paedin
Wii Number: 7543 3358 0044 2660

User Info: ImmortalKatan

7 years ago#10
Well, Cave has my money again. I just hope they bring Mushihime and Espgaluda state side. I know i can just import them, but it would be nice to have it all in English with all of the preorder LE extras.
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  3. Aaaaan Cave announces an XBLA port....

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