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User Info: NeoLego

9 years ago#1
Well, I Pre-Ordered my copy of the game from Family Christian's website. I got the game yesterday and spent some time with the game last night. Thought I'd give my thoughts for any who may be looking at this game.

Summary - Guitar Praise (GP) is an Alternative to Guitar Hero (GH) with Christian Rock and Praise and Worship Music.

Guitar - The best part of the game is actually the Wireless Guitar. It's made very solid and almost identical to the GH Guitar. In fact, there is a section that would normally host the Xbox/PS Home Buttons on the controller that has been covered up and painted, but you can see where they would go. The Guitar itself is all black with a White Plate on the Body. The Buttons are akin to GH, Green/Red/Yellow/Blue/Orange buttons, with a Chrome Stum Button. You also have 2 Chrome volume buttons that adjust your ingame guitar volume. The guitar is stead and solid. It does come with a Strap and wireless USB reciever. It's not as tight feeling as the GH guitar, but I actually prefer it to the Rock Band (RB) guitar! The only problem I had with the Guitar was getting the batteries to register. It takes 4 double A batteries, and they don't stay flat even after putting the top back on. What I actually had to do was add some cotton on top of the batteries to help push them into place, but after that they worked like a charm. This could have easily been addressed with a spongy cusion on the top of the battery compartment lid, but it's fixable!

Graphics - This is really the games biggest flaw. If you are use to seeing or playing GH or RB you are in for a crude awakening. In fact, Crude is the best word for it. The menu is simple and easy to get around, no complains there. The actual game itself with the Note Highway leaves a lot to be desired. The notes are not Trianges (instead of Circles (GH) or Dashes (RB)). That isn't an annoying as you may thing, but they are bland. There is no depth to the notes, no shadowning, no shine, nothing. They look like MS Paint Trianges scrolling down the screen. And, on top of that, the Backgrounds are nothing but colors. There is no band setting or even cool moving pictures. It's just a colored wallpaper. Takes a very big hit in this department.

GamePlay - This is really what a game is about, and I have to say that GP really delivers here. While is may not be much to look at, you can easily get lost in the game because it's still just as fun as you would imagine. The Guitar makes it easy to play the notes, and they all register as they should. I found myself after a few songs getting into the groove and by my 4th song I hit a 221 note streak. I haven't had any problems with the gameplay at all. Buying a knock off version you are more afraid that it will skip every other note or not even register some strums, but I didn't find that once.

Songs - I don't own GH or RB because of the music, it's not my style. So, I won't try to judge this music. If you don't like Uplifting, Christian music though, you will probably not like this. Instead of trying to break it down, here is the Song List, you be the judge:

User Info: NeoLego

9 years ago#2
12 Stones - Broken
Bride - Same Ol' Sinner
Caedmons Call - There You Go
Casting Crowns - Lifesong
Chris Tomlin - Made to Worship
Darrell Evans - So Good To Me
David Crowder Band - Foreverandever Etc.
Day Of Fire - Reap and Sow
dc Talk - Jesus Freak
Family Force 5 - Love Addict
Flyleaf - Perfect
Hawk Nelson - The Show
Hawk Nelson - Friend Like That
Inhabited - Rescue Me
Israel & New Breed - All Around
James Clay - Franklin Park
Jared Anderson - Blind Man
Jennifer Knapp - Undo Me
Jeremy Camp - Tonight
Jessie Daniels - What I Hear
Jonah33 - Father's Song
Josh Bates - Perfect Day
Kutless - Beyond the Surface
Kutless - Hearts of the Innocent
Lincoln Brewster - Spin
Nate Sallie - All About You
Nevertheless - The Real
Newsboys - Something Beautiful
Paul Baloche - Rock of Ages
Paul Baloche - All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises
Petra - Backsliding Blues
Pillar - When Tommorrow Comes
Red - Breathe Into Me
Relient K - I Need You
Seventh Day Slumber - Awake
Skillet - The Older I Get
Skillet - Rebirthing
Skillet - Savior
Spoken - Wind In My Sails
Spoken - Falling Further
Spur 58 - Sleepwalkers
Stellar Kart - Procrastinating
Superchick - We Live
The Crucified - The Pit
This Beautiful Republic - Going Under
Thousand Foot Krutch - The Flame in All of Us
Thousand Foot Krutch - The Art of Breaking
tobyMac - I'm For You
Todd Agnew - This Fragile Breath
Warren Barfield - My Heart Goes Out
Whitecross - Who Will You Follow
Whitecross - When The Walls Tumble Down

Overall - I love the game. My biggest complain is that it's on the PC. I have always loved playing Guitar Hero but I don't like Secular Rock. So, GP is just what the doctor ordered. While it may not be as polished as GH or RB, once you get into playing the game it's still just as fun. Are there things that I would change? Sure. I'd love to see this on a Console (Xbox 360 or PS3) because my PC is not great and I don't really want to play in my Office, I want to play on my Big Screen. I would also like to see a little more polish in the presentation. Give us a Band in the background and let us customzie our singer. Those are all things I'd like to see, especially for $80. But, for someone who loves musics games and loves Christian Music you can't go wrong. At the end of the day, if you don't enjoy playing what's the point right? So, the game is fun and if you like this kinda thing I think this would be a good investment. neo

User Info: Not_A_Clue

9 years ago#3
Hey, I was curious, are there varying difficulties on this (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert)? I assume it's only guitar, no bass? Any type of multiplayer?

I was surprised when I saw they didn't pick "Rockfist" from TFK, as that seemed to be such a popular song not too long ago and would have fit well in my opinion. Also sad to see no Switchfoot, but hey, that's just me.

Anyway, thanks for the review and track list!
"Whiped n00b is a delicacy in china." -Tea With A twist

User Info: SkynyrdRocker

9 years ago#4
Are there any difficulty songs? I don't think "challenge" when I think of Christian Rock.
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User Info: BMBVideox

9 years ago#5

Yeah it has those different modes.

And no, it's not just guitar - it has bass too.

User Info: Piratelion

9 years ago#6
Hello TC

As a big fan of Rock Band/Guitar Hero, i was looking foward to this game. I grew up listening to christian rock (or metal). I am also disapointed that it is only for PC? Can you list the tiers of songs going from easy to hard? Your impressions on what are the funnest songs? I am a huge Bride fan and was looking foward to see how is Same ol Sinner. Also interested in your review of Skillet (specially Saviour), Whitecross (must be the hardest song in the game as Rex Carrol is one of the best guitar players in the world), Kutless, Pillar and Petra.

Also supposedly there is an expansion pack coming in spring 2009 that will have Stryper (yesss!!!!)any mention of that in the packaging?

Thanks for your answers.

User Info: Wyldcard

9 years ago#7
I like the reviews on
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User Info: bobthecoltfan

9 years ago#8
Are there any very hard songs in the game? If i'm gunna buy it i'd like a challenge.

I really wish there was switchfoot, and I wish one of the Skillet songs was Whispers In The Dark.

User Info: spellbee2

9 years ago#9
it really depends what your definition of "hard" is. If you mean like Through the Fire and Flames or One, then no. There are some tough solos, but they are usually really short.

Probably my favorite feature is the multiplayer power duels (like battles in gh3).

User Info: spellbee2

9 years ago#10
and what's kind of annoying is that unlike the guitar heroes, you don't play the actual song note for note even on expert. Like on Whitecross's "Who will you follow?", instead of playing the runs and everything, you just play quarter or eighth notes. Although it does get closer to playing the full thing in later tiers of songs, it's still kind of disappointing. It's still a very fun game none the less.
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