kinda yakuza?

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User Info: Ocelot4444

7 years ago#1
doesnt this game remind anyone a bit of yakuza for the ps2?i mean you can get objects and whack ppl with them.pretty fun game.
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User Info: LizardRonin

7 years ago#2
IN a sense yes, but all battles are taken all around instead of small areas. Also you can fully customize your character in both looks and moves. You also do have a limit time (7 days in game) to complete your objective, but there is a New Game+ so you can build up your guy and have a easier time getting stuff done in the next cycle. And there is also multiple endings I would think because of different events and girlfriends you can have.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

7 years ago#3
The probably with customizing the look is that it effect how much items you can hold. Unlike other games with the pockets to an alternate universe. This game is realistic in its pocket system.
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User Info: AirGear_Z

7 years ago#4
Yeah it does remind me of Yakuza n PS2 and both are great games if you give it a bit to get into the storyline. ^__^

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