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User Info: CyborgTwenty

8 years ago#1
you think there is any chance? anyone got some sales figures? i really hope it sold good enough for a sequel, this game is underrated and great!

User Info: blizzardrg

8 years ago#2
I hope there is, this game is not bad at all. Before i play it, i thought it might be bad but after that i feel different about it.

User Info: Azure_Valkyrie

8 years ago#3
Yes, a sequel would be an great. However, I would like to see a faster pace of combat and the option to change Ken's clothes, not just the colours.
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

8 years ago#4
i agree ninja blade 1 is nearly perfect except the costumes are a joke most look like something clowns in a circus wear and not like something a ninja should wear. also they could make the sequel a little longer maybe 10-12 missions this time. also they need to either make the missions either half as long and double the number of them or introduce checkpoints in am missions where your process is saved.

User Info: calinks

8 years ago#5

Would be awesome if they could implement co-op
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User Info: desi_shinobi

8 years ago#6
I say its far from perfect and really needs to cut down on QTE.

hopefully a sequel would improve on that, Just have to wait on NGS2 to come out, so NB can pick up some more ideas.

Hopefully different costumes this time around.

User Info: RealLex

8 years ago#7
I can understand why people keep pointing out that there are a lot of QTE's, since there obviously are. Although it is not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion, basically it's the "cut scenes". They could've left it out and just show you an okay/sweet/average/cool/awesome cut scene, but now you are (somewhat) involved in them.

User Info: MalifacentX

8 years ago#8
I disagree with the Costumes. While the different ones you can collect and download are LAME by default, the ability to take their patterns and COMPLETELY customize the color schemes is ridiculously awesome. I am currently running around in a black outfit with Yellow trim and golden plate armor. It looks Amazing. I'll try to take a picture.

The Costumes are limited only by your patience and imagination.

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User Info: Xenosheart

8 years ago#9
Ninja Blade 2 should have:

- Awesome story (like Ninja Blade)
- Faster gameplay
- Save option (for God's sake)
- New Costumes (I agree, that thing with the colors is ridiculus)
- More cut scenes
- More missions
- Glitches fixed
- Promotion

User Info: el destructo86

el destructo86
8 years ago#10
I would enjoy a Ninja Blade 2. I would stop playing wow for at least a month for Otogi 3.
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