WHAT? This game is awesome.

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User Info: nts_

5 years ago#1
Why is this game 9$ at future shop?!?!

I'm not complaining because it benefits me - but, this is so RAD. I can't believe the customization and color coordinating and how it takes place in the QTE events ...

This game is off the bloody chain and people don't understand AT ALL.

It's a real shame. I feel aweful that I missed this ...

It's like Armored core meets Shinobi, meets Ninja Gaiden, meets ... SEGA.

I love this. Even the menu design is a hark back to my old ... Y2K winamp era modding / skinning days ... a little JASC paintshop ...

I love this game. I'm sorry I only paid 10$ for it BRAND NEW because I'd honestly trade half my collection for this awesomeness ...

That being said - some of this frustrates the hell out of me, but I ain't complaining ...

It's a shame this was SO vastly overlooked.

A damn SHAME. ...

Anyway - I'm going to play it through before I fanboy-gasm anymore. But I just ... don't know how I missed this ...

User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
5 years ago#2
It was only $4.99 at my futureshop :)
Pokemon Black
Tokiya FC: 0862 2942 5169
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