True Ending Requirements Question *Possible Spoilers*

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User Info: Soren318

6 years ago#1

ok ive tried to read what everyone has been saying and its really confusing cus some ppl say do this while others say do the opposite, so im just curious what are the bare minimum requirements to getting the true ending so that i can have all my characters and stuff without having to find the fobidden tomes and all that jazz

User Info: cangkir

6 years ago#2
From the wikia :

- At the start of the 5th generation, be low-NEUTRAL - there are a lot of enforced LIGHT boosting events that you only want to push you back to NEUTRAL and not into LIGHT.

- When taking over bases in the 5th generation, go in the order Southwest (path towards Lingen) -> North (path towards Centan) -> Northwest (short path to Vol Tuanor)

- Do not get a dark alignment on any of the previous forts mentioned above

- Ensure all 5th generation characters join you.

* Dyshana: Conversation event on Marena Highway. Must be NEUTRAL.
* Murmina: Joins on the southwest route to Kaluni Kahla.
* Vashtor: Do not do anything to him for 7 turns during his fight.
* Beatrice: Joins in a conversation event at Limberg.

- Have under 500 turns on the counter; note that you may go over 100 turns in a single generation as long as your total is under 500.

- After the Summeril Battle, if the gauge is NEUTRAL, you should move to the True Ending Path

As an addition, just to be safe, why not get the forbidden tomes as well? Not like they're hard to get anyway. I can vouch that I only did the above, plus get the forbidden tomes (and only resurrect two heroes), and got true ending. I didn't have level 5 affection for all the girls at the end of each chapter, and missed quite a lot of events.
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