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User Info: daveku27

6 years ago#1

Just picked up this game on a whim and I must say i am really enjoying so far (only about three hours into the first generation what ever that is). I knew nothing about this game when I picked it up so I do have a couple of questions. First, is there anyway to hear what the characters are saying in English instead of Japanese? I know the words are in English but the voices are not. Second, I noticed in the menus that when you are looking at the profile or picture of the characters you can press the x button and it says extra voice or something like that. BUt when I click x none of the voice numbers do anything? What is this here for? Finaly, could someone just quickly explain the generation thing. Do you use the same characters throughout or are they different? Like your characters from gen one get old and die? Is that what this is like. Thanks in advance for the help to a true noobie to not only this game but this genre as well.

User Info: deathlover56

6 years ago#2
mild spoilers

1) The game only has japanese voices
2) extra voices are unlocked by true end
3) at the end of each gen, you only lose the hero (leonhardt and children) and the three women (fyuria, Luana, Elaine, etc..) the others dont die, because almost none of your party members are human by this point (except winfield, but this is explained later on)

User Info: RufusNKenRSTier

6 years ago#3
And *insert spoiler that doesn't really matter here*, because hes apparently such a badass that being a senior citizen won't slow him down.
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