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User Info: o6gamemaster491

6 years ago#1

But do you think the reason why Unlimited Match is taking so long to arrive on XBL is because SNKP is trying to give everyone English voices?

They did with Sky Stage and it only had a tiny roster compared to UM.

If that is the case I hope the voice actors are good.

User Info: ChrisTheChocobo

6 years ago#2
I dont think so, maybe they translate the win quotes and challenge descriptions, nothing more. By the way the game was realesed on PartnerNET a long time ago. The reason of the Delay? they are **********!

User Info: o6gamemaster491

6 years ago#3

hmm... I guess we'll find out next month hopefully.

Also, what's PartnerNet?

User Info: SaviorGabriel

6 years ago#4
"hmm... I guess we'll find out next month hopefully."

Oh, don't worry. You will. ; )
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User Info: Shiki Dan

Shiki Dan
6 years ago#5
KOF Skystage has English voices???

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