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User Info: TheSooze

6 years ago#1
I wanted to know are the bosses from the 2009/Xbox live version playable in 1 player/practice or are they gone altogether? I am probably gonna grab a version on the PS2 so I wanted to know ahead of time...

User Info: Chaobringer

6 years ago#2
Krizalid, Igniz, C.Zero, Zero, Ultimate Rugal, Geese/Nightmare Geese, and Goenitz are playable characters except in challenge mode and most likely ranked matches but other modes like arcade, endless and vs are fair game.

User Info: TheSooze

6 years ago#3
Thanks for trying to answer my question. It sounds like you are talking about the 360 version. I am trying to find out are the bosses playable in any mode in the PS2 tougeki version which is slightly different from the 2009 version and also the 360 version. I can't get a straight answer on any board. I am trying to get this for PS2 because one of mine can play imports....

User Info: ShineGreymon

6 years ago#4
Yes bosses are still playable in the Tougeki version. The Tougeki version just removed an infinite and some glitches.
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User Info: TheSooze

6 years ago#5
Thank you both. I still spend many hours on vanilla 02' and can't wait to play the other (non-boss) NESTS saga characters with my friends!

User Info: Rad Link 5

Rad Link 5
6 years ago#6
The 360 edition is based off of the Tougeki version, including the slight balance tweaks (removing infinite, etc.). It just happens to missing a couple of bonus modes presumably for the purpose of keeping the download small (it doesn't come with the original NeoGeo version, and I think color edit is gone, too).
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