I Want My $15 Back!!!

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User Info: victorious623

9 years ago#1
This game is such a total rip off. I wish to HELL I would have read these message boards BEFORE buying it. But, in my mind at the time, it was Jeopardy! It had to be fun. The PS1 versions of it were great. Boy was I wrong!! Too bad you can't return crap products like this.

Get this.... on my first three games... the Final Jeopardy question WAS THE SAME for the very first game I played and the third game. Can you believe that?!?! Even the old NES version didn't repeat so early!

I'm not evening going to bother listing all the things that make this game a big loser b/c... well... just read a couple of the other topics to see that. What a sad, sad, sad, waste.

User Info: segata_sanshiro

9 years ago#2
I've already deleted the game from my hard drive. Buying this game is the equivalent of wiping your ass with $15... money straight down the toilet.

User Info: 5stardragon

9 years ago#3
thanks for saving me some cash
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User Info: starkiller81

9 years ago#4
i love it.

PSN Username: Starkiller81

User Info: hanzrimmer

9 years ago#5
dont thank him, the game is fun.

User Info: Aero369

9 years ago#6
Heh, well all I can say is I'm glad I didnt get this game... lol
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