Tatsunoko vs. Marvel

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User Info: Andaryu

8 years ago#1
Do you think Tatsunoko vs. Marvel would be... possible? It's hard to imagine Capcom publishing a verses game about two other companies. And of course considering the legal/copyright matters.... Could it happen?

I think Captain America vs. Ken the eagle would be a pretty sweet.
Alot of characters are similar, and each one possess a moveset that would be balanced, even among a large cast.

I personally like Tatsunoko better, but it seems Marvel characters may be... 'over powerful' when compared to Tatsunoko's fighting style. What do you guys think. And what system? =D
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User Info: JayceMJ

8 years ago#2
Capcom vs Tatsunoko vs Marvel vs DC vs Jump vs Star Wars vs Matrix vs SNK

It's brilliant, I'll make millions.
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User Info: Ragnaruto

8 years ago#3
Plus, they are both a great leader in each universe, Ken the Eagle leading Gatchaman and Tatsunoko fellows, while Captain America leading The Avengers and Marvel fellows.
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User Info: AlgusUnderdunk

8 years ago#4
Doronjo vs Scarlet Witch! Hurricane Polymar vs The Incredible Hulk! Captain America vs Tekkaman! Iron Man vs Casshern! Gold Lightan vs Sentinel! Hakushon Daimao vs Howard the Duck! Hutch the Honeybee vs Doctor Doom!
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