Decrease online lag NOW!!!!

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User Info: Exile_basic

7 years ago#1

Look this has to be said.

I have had the wii lag horribly when i first got the game but after opening ports by either port forwarding or putting the wii's ip on DMZ every match has been smooth.

Follow instructions below.

The wii's ports are 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443. If you know about how to port fowarding then use those ports.REMEMBER YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR WII'S IP.

Either google "how to port foward" or "how to DMZ". For me DMZ is the easiest.

This is what i did for DMZ

I turned the game on and continued like i was connecting to a wifi battle like normal. After the part when it says connecting.

I went to my pc and logged into my router (normally When i logged into my router(Linksys) I went to Wireless then wireless MAC filter then edit MAC filter list then wireless client mac list and it was there under active PC. It should say 192.168.1.***

Or you can type in to see it

I then went to the tab Application and Gaming then DMZ and put the last set of digits after the last point and enabled it. I saved the settings and now all ports are open on the wii. That is what DMZ is for. It opens all ports for a specific IP. It has been night and day. Everything is smooth.

User Info: JTWStephens

7 years ago#2
I honestly dunno what to tell you. I'm sorry. I've had zero lag, and I have a fairly bad cable connection. What country are you in?

User Info: Exile_basic

7 years ago#3
Ye it was pretty bad, i live in Maryland using comcast. Good old comcast. Anyway after I put my wii's ip on DMZ every match and i mean all of them were either lag free or little lag.

User Info: ZyloWolfBane

7 years ago#4
Was hit and miss for me until I put it in DMZ mode, now every match has been smooth like playing it offline.

Sorry man, must be something on your end.
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User Info: BobBarker24

7 years ago#5
Thanks alot for this. Im going to try it even though I have a wired connection I still lag.

User Info: sam3610

7 years ago#6
Port forwarding just aids in connecting to players, it won't change your ping or anything.
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User Info: Exile_basic

7 years ago#7
Yes it does help in connecting with players but since i put the wii on DMZ i havent had one laggy match yet. When i first got the game it was unplayable but now everything is smooth.

User Info: Exile_basic

7 years ago#8
^bump for goodness

User Info: Forte89

7 years ago#9
holy crap, i never would have though to do that. thanks oh and plus

second bump, but for Great Justice.
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User Info: Exile_basic

7 years ago#10
Ye Forte89 try it out.
For anyone that did the DMZ say how is the online for you? My experience has been 100% better.

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