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User Info: keodash

9 years ago#1
I need some help: there's a scene where you are in a bridge, the TIE-Fighters are shooting you and the stroom troopers are coming 2 by 2 (no matter how many times you kill them, they still appearing), i stay there a lot of time blocking the shots from both, trying to drain, push, pull, grip, electrify, (also with the matrix thing) the TIE-F but i can't. What's the trick here? I was wondering that maybe i need to bounce the shot from the stroom troopers to the TIE-F but as far as i know there's no way to do such thing.
Any suggestions?

User Info: nimerjm37

9 years ago#2
If you are talking about level 5, the return to the planet with the man eating plants, then I've got an answer.

You have to be quick to make this work. Make sure you have Force Pull activated (quarter circle/arrow down). As you approach the brdge, you can either kill or ignore the troops coming at you from behind. Once the camera changes to a side view, you'll start seeing the TIE-Fighter make two seperate flying patterns. Just watch it for a second to differentiate between the two.

The first pattern, if you have Force Pull activated, is your time to strike. As the TIE Fighter dips below the bridge, you'll have a split second in which the Force Pull icon will light up. You only have to get it right once.

Hope that helps. And don't tell me it doesn't work; I just replayed the level to make sure I was right. If you can't get it, then you are doing something wrong.
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User Info: nimerjm37

9 years ago#3
...and because the truth is terrifying to morons, Super Yam closed his topic.

Guess what? Macs are the way to go if you are in any kind of professional graphic or sound design business. Every newspaper in the country has at LEAST 50% (usually much much more than that) Macs in the layout department, not to mention nearly every single other creative-based industry in the U.S. today.

Record companies
Marvel/DC Comics
Game publicity (not design... I never worked in game design, so I don't know for sure)
High end tattoo studios
Ad Agencies
Weekly/monthly magazines
Web Design

...all Macs, at least partially, if not completely. How do I know? I have worked in each and every one of these industries in some capacity over the past 8-10 years.

If you are in a creative field and you are using a PC, people stare and make fun of you like they would someone with a portable CD player, a Betamax or a butter churn. The days of the PC are closer to over than ever before, and people who like to have their computers do what they are supposed to and NEVER BREAK DOWN are living it up with Macs.
# of hours I've worked on finishing my Dragon Ball Z tattoo sleeve: 68 hours (9/11/08). Sneak peek:

User Info: jjp05c

9 years ago#4
SuperYam is indeed an idiot and a coward for locking his topic, but if you think PC gaming is going to die anytime soon then you may want to question your own intelligence.

And for SuperYam, in case he is looking, Mac OS X Leopard is 64bit.

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User Info: nimerjm37

9 years ago#5
Believe me - I know PC gaming isn't going anywhere any time soon.

That doesn't mean I can't WISH it was dead and gone forever. Heck, I wish online gaming were dead and gone as well, but that doesn't mean its ever going to happen.

Who is a single player-only console gamer for the past 25 years and probably the next 25 years and has two thumbs? This guy.
# of hours I've worked on finishing my Dragon Ball Z tattoo sleeve: 68 hours (9/11/08). Sneak peek:

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