I'm rage-quitting this game. *spoilers*

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User Info: BowserCuffs

8 years ago#1
Right now, I am so angry.

I'm on my Level 20 magician, soloing the sewers when I finally get to Dr. Farrell.

I'm doing great. I'm keeping my health up, my MP up, and I've got him below half health.

And then I suddenly get grabbed out of the air by a minion's ground attack and then launched into Dr. Farrell's dive attack. I go from full HP to 0 in less than a second.

And the worst part is? Those parrot feathers I have from the gifts don't work unless you're level 19 or under.

And the dungeon before him? It took me an HOUR to get through. Do you want to know why?

Those damn mini bosses that you HAVE to kill for keys that you NEED and get USED UP when you go through the door.

It's bad enough that they have more HP than Dr. Farrell himself, but when a third of my attacks MISS for no good reason, that just makes me mad.

I mean, WTF. Missing? This is a beat 'em up MMO, there shouldn't be ANY missing unless it's because my attack completely missed the enemy.

And the hit detection. It's crap. When an orc barely my size charges and hits me when I'm 50 feet above him, there's something wrong. And why can't my Air Combo hit a giant orc that towers over me when the lightning clearly hits him? There's no reason for that, it's just some weird "Ha ha **** you" crap.

Rrrgh... I want to get past these things. But aside from moving closer to wherever the server is located, there's no way to improve upon the horrendous lag that makes me take damage from a melee attack when my character is 15 feet away.


By the way, ignore the topic title. I'm mostly taking a break because of this, I'm just saying things to make myself feel not so stressed out.

User Info: TehOranges

8 years ago#2
Find a party.

You'll quit once you hit 3rd job anyway ... if you manage to make it that far.

User Info: Dyaus777

8 years ago#3
Just grab a party for Farrell. I agree it's a little stupid that you get sent there at only level 20 because of how hard it is, but it's easy to find help.

When you get hit by something that clearly should not have hit you, it's because of lag. I assume you're playing on IAH? The lag on THQ is supposedly not as bad, but we'll see...

User Info: beam_

8 years ago#4

From: BowserCuffs | #001
I'm on my Level 20 magician, soloing the sewers when I finally get to Dr. Farrell.

Stopped reading there.

Find a party.
I used to be the main character in my world.
It was great! I was in every cutscene!

User Info: BowserCuffs

8 years ago#5

From: beam_ | Posted: 8/3/2009 12:13:24 PM | #004
Stopped reading there.

Find a party.

Apparently, didn't even read that.

I had actually gotten to Dr. Farrell. I had almost beaten him. . And then the game's horrid lag got me.

I think I'll try the THQ server then. That's.... the only other server, right?

User Info: BowserCuffs

8 years ago#6
Sorry to double post, but you don't need to correct me on the THQ thing.

Apparently, they're not even in open beta yet.

(Why are there two companies handling Dragonica?)

User Info: space_camel

8 years ago#7
Because IAH games is the malaysian version of the game. THQ is North American. That's probably why you have so much lag

User Info: XFrozenNarutoX

8 years ago#8
Dont forget the gPotato version
Its the Europe version
Its totally lagfree (well, MOSTLY, but if u dont live in Europe, forget it o.o)
But its in Closed Beta too T_T

Get some friends to party with u....
And pwn Farrel with TEAMWORK! ^^

User Info: force_edge

8 years ago#9
Because IAH games is the malaysian version of the game.

IAH is a Singaporean company, not Malaysian.
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User Info: Sighto

8 years ago#10
A party isn't there because it's impossible without one. They're there to make things easier and to allow the players to support one another. If you had a party you would have made it there much faster and could have a tank help distract him while you nuke from afar while watching out for jump circles. If you had died it wouldn't have mattered as much because it only took a few minutes to get to him anyway and you guys could do it again.
This is it so get this game and get your trigger on.
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