Berserker Run

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User Info: Boney00

8 years ago#1
Anyone been able to conquer this yet? I'm wondering how many yards you actually go before you're at the end. I know if you get killed, you can scroll down the screen and get a preview of what was yet to come. This has to be one of the hardest feats in the game without a doubt. One berserker versus hundreds of soldiers. My best so far is 123 yards but I'm still trying. Note that I live in the US and have only owned the game for 2 days.
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User Info: Sketchie

8 years ago#2
All I know is that you need to be very careful with your selection of spells and when to use them.

Once you get the pattern down you could reach the end every single time if you don't mess up.
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User Info: airmalak

8 years ago#3

I think the end was at something with close to 400 meters. Then you get additional points for the mana you got left.

Just play around with the selection of spells a bit. I personally did not go for the ying-yang and sacrifice, but maybe it's possible too, to just storm everything with a ton of beserkers. I found it easier to control one (or a few when they were multiplied). It's good fun :)

User Info: Proximity42

8 years ago#4
My highest so far is 277 metres. After a while you get a choice between arrows or clones so I made a big clone army. At that point it's just a matter of spamming heal like no tomorrow.
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User Info: Proximity42

8 years ago#5
Oops I didn' t even bother reading the above post.

Personally I don't know how you didn't do it with the ying yang spell.

My choices were, Trap, Poison, Blizzard, then Ying Yang followed by hammer of thor.

The only problem with the ying yang spell is that once all of the guys start losing health, your clones don't have full health off the bat and you have to spam heal like a fiend.
CoDWaW: 0259 3744 3439 nickname: [wt]Prox
MKW: 2062 9809 0560 nickname: [wt]Prox

User Info: airmalak

8 years ago#6

i found it way easiert to manage just one or a few beserkers. Ying-Yang is a waste against units that do AoE Damage like Sun-Giants, Catapults and Rocketeers (even when dying).

So with Arrow-Rain, the Acid thing and snow storm. I went with 3 AoE Crowd Control and Damage spells. I think I used Thor's Hammer once. But that was it.

User Info: samurai goroh

samurai goroh
8 years ago#7
I didn't knew you had to choose 1of the 2 spells, no wonder how I wasn't able to use the Thunder magic once XD

So far my best record is 341 yards.
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User Info: vleessjuu

8 years ago#8
I actually went for trap, poison, terracotta warriors, arrows, hammer of (mister :P) Thor. The terracotta warriors are excellent bait for enemies so you can bunch them up and combined with the arrows they can do a lot of damage. Yin Yang, on the other hand, makes you quickly waste a lot of mana and against rocketeers and catapults, your whole army will get blasted to smithereens.
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