isnt it out?

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User Info: fatafreak

8 years ago#1
so its the21st and not a single place in my town has this... any idea where it is?

User Info: shakenstirred

8 years ago#2
I got mine at best buy.
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User Info: MetaSylo

8 years ago#3
I also just got mine at Best Buy. They had 3 copies, including the one I bought. The Gamestop I went to yesterday only had 1 copy.
These things happen..

User Info: rave_n2

8 years ago#4
I got it Gamestop.
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User Info: CheezeOfDoom

8 years ago#5
I got it at Best Buy but they didn't have it out anywhere...I had to ask an employee, he checked the street date then got it out of the back.
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User Info: fatafreak

8 years ago#6

we dont have a best buy or a gamespot. the closest ones are 40 minutes away. but i went to circuit city. target. kmart. walmart. and even like all the rental stores and they dont have it. idk whats wrong :/

o and circuit city's website messed up on it. it has avenged sevenfold as avenged suicide :////

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