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User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

6 years ago#1
Original Source

If this helps you out, say thanks, and play nice.

BBS 1 - 12
BBS 1) Longsword - NPC Outside of the Kitajima Shop @ the picnic table; Give him a longsword.
Sword Location: 4000C @ the store
Go up the stairs nearest to the store and retrive the sword from the garbage behind the 2 boys with the VS icon in front of 24 Misora.
Give it to him to complete the 1st quest
(Side note, im told you may need to give him a basic gun too however i do not recall this)

BBS 2) Battle at the festival --
Obtain 3 S class "Grenade" items from battle and give it to the Female NPC on the 2nd Floor.
(You probably already have this item if you don't chuck anything away)

BBS 3) I love rumors--
Talk to the NPC on the 3rd floor,
Then go to Misora Station and get the tissues/key item from the lady in the White skirt and the red long t-shirt.
Return to the NPC on the 3rd floor and give her the key item.
End of BBS 3

BBS 4) Certified rival --
Go to your house and look for the guy with the Red and dark red jersey.
Beat him in 1v1, if the completion chat doesn't autotrigger after the battle, talk to him to complete the quest

BBS 5) Xinzi parents knowing?--
Go to Misora Mall, Directly across the street from the Guy from BBS#1 you'll find a Woman wearing a White Apron and Green Sleeves
Talk to her, and do a 1v1 battle
End of BBS 5

BBS 6) The battle with me --
Fight NPC Kyo in a 1v1 battle.
Location: Misora Hr High School 3rd floor, classrom 1-1
He's next to the window wearing a white shirt with a beanie.
End of BBS 6

BBS 7) On the left hand side
Go to the Misora Pharmacy, the NPC directly infront of you has the BBS quest.
1v1 him.
Talk to him if the quest doesn't auto-clear
End of BBS 7

BBS 8) Go to Misora Jr High school, inside go to talk to the girl in the Yellow shirt and plad pleated skirt near the door of classroom 2-1 on the floor.
End of BBS 8

BBS 9) Let a new weapon --
On the Left hand side of the Upper deck section of Misora Mall, go to the Game Center.
Inside the Gamcenter go to the back and look for a kid with a red/grey striped shirt.
1v1 with that NPC, talk, etc.
End of BBS 9

BBS 10) Go to Misora Jr High school,
go to room 3-1 on the first floor.
Talk to the kid with the white beanie near the door.
Go to the pink notice on bulletin board in the lounge/foyer area on the first floor(vending machines and trash are near it). Read the first 3, others say you don't have to read anything, but better safe than annoyed.

then go to classroom 2-2.
Look for the boy in the blue Jumpsuit with white shoes closer to the windows.
Talk to him
Return to the kid in classrom 3-1 to end this quest.

BBS 11) Go to the park in front of the main character's house.
Look for a kid with a dark blue cap and talk to him. Hear makes circles near the lampost.
Go dumpster diving in the Misora Jr High trash on the first floor. Get the receipt that he lost/wanted and return it to hi mto complete the quest.

BBS 12) Go to Misora Jr High school, on the first floor in the foyer area near the vending machine.
Speak to the kid in the blue hoodie
Give him a shield, as long you don't discard anything you'll have what he wants.

From all these quests you'll make at least 18k in game currency

Thanks goes to the dude who originally found this link

User Info: vipre07

6 years ago#2
This is a more precise BBS quest guide...thanks very much...if you did the translation hope you can make more...

User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

6 years ago#3
That's the plan. If anything feels like its missing or oddly worded give me a heads up.

User Info: CobaltSoldier

6 years ago#4
Nice job.

This should help out anyone doing the earlier quests.

User Info: vipre07

6 years ago#5
This should be stickied...just finished the 12 quests here and there are precise...

User Info: coax75ohm

6 years ago#6
BBS 13 was a little confusing. You have to battle using the Nazuu LBX set, but the arms have to be equipped as weapons rather than LBX parts. I spent a couple minutes trying to figure out why I couldn't find the arms.

User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

6 years ago#7
So then by Nazu you mean the Chameleon/Iguana like armour?
It says so on the Japanese guide, and the side not is to equip the arms too, lol

When and if I get to it it will be detailed like the others above.
For now I'm just gonna do all the missions, get the game done, then go back and do the BBS stuff
I only put out 1-12 because #1 is kinda main storyline embedded whereas the rest have yet to hinder me.

... side note i just hit chapter 12 so yeah i guess you only need to worry about BBS #1.

User Info: vipre07

6 years ago#8
Glad you have not given up on the BBS quests bro...i just finished the game and i'm just doing some more exploring and grinding...

User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

6 years ago#9
I'm 50/50 on it right now. This game would've been much easier had i known what my items did.
That said, getting the achilles II set from the vending machine saved my butt. No way that his final form of his danball would've cut the mustard.

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