IS this game worth the $5 on Steam?

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  3. IS this game worth the $5 on Steam?

User Info: shanermcbrainer

7 years ago#1
i heard it was pretty fun
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User Info: coolasj19

7 years ago#2

yes. but i think the sale is over maybe.

User Info: SubGum

7 years ago#3
There's still 13+ hours left for the sale. I'm thinking about getting it myself.

User Info: PersianWarrior9

7 years ago#4
No...not worth $5
there are only a few stages and some of the lvls seriously suck!
and some of the lvls are just too complicated that it gives u a headache solving them

User Info: Blargg

7 years ago#5
That is simply false. The level design is fair, and there are 48 levels.
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User Info: pennywise6066

7 years ago#6
I just paid 20 for it
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  3. IS this game worth the $5 on Steam?

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