Starting tips for new players, including items you'll want to get early on:

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User Info: DuneMan

8 years ago#1
Pick a Royal or Soldier for an easy time starting out, magic or melee respectively. Remember that you can attack using your rapier or spear while your shield is raised, respectively.

Get a shield that blocks 100% of melee damage, such as the Heater Shield sold for 2,000 soul in the Nexus.

Do not leave 1-1 until you get the Cling Ring. When you get to the top of the wall in 1-1 and fight that Blue Eye Knight in front of the fog gate, go past that gate and descend the staircase in the room beyond.

The Ring of Herculean Strength lets you hold 50% more weight in your inventory, which is handy when you try to pick up an item that is too heavy for you. Your character will auto-drop it and then it will disappear forever when you leave the area. The ring will let you pick that item up then you can head back to the Nexus to drop off your loot. To get it: when heading toward that Cling Ring, step out onto the balcony halfway down the stairs and cut the chains on either side. Get the Jade Hair Ornament from the bodies that drop and go visit Stockpile Thomas. If you keep using the Talk command until you exhaust all the conversations then leave and come back he'll ask for the Jade Hair Ornament and give you the ring in exchange.

A wand(Wooden Catalyst) can be found in 1-2, on top of the first guard tower. Remember that you'll need 10 Willpower/Intelligence to learn magic.

A Talisman of God can be found at the start of 4-1 to the right of the fog gate. Alternatively, at the start of 5-1 by dropping that board bridge in the beginning area. Likewise, Faith needs to be at 10 to learn miracles.

The Morningstar at the start of 5-1, near that same plank bridge that gives access to the Talisman of God, is quite handy for bashing in the skeletons of world 4(they are weak to blunt damage).

The Compound Longbow(best bow in the game when forged up) is found in 4-1, by climbing on top of the walls in the central courtyard. It is by the lone Skeleton Archer on the wall near the Vanguard mini-boss.

Just about everyone should look for the Crescent Falchion +1 in 4-1 behind the Black Dual Katana Skeleton as well, it does magic damage and has MP regen. Go into the wall at the first fog gate and turn left once past the trap pressure plate. You can use it to attack Bearbugs in 2-2 without wasting Sticky White Stuff.

Remember to keep below 50% Equip Weight if you want to roll fast, and you want to roll fast. The Ring of Great Strength under the Blue Dragon in the Dragon's Roost in 1-1 boosts equipment weight by 50% when equipped. This is handy for the Knights, who wear heavier armor.

The Purple Flame Shield in that same Dragon's Roost in 1-1, or dropped from Red Eye Knights, has an incredibly good hit resistance when forged up to +10. You'll be able to block power hits that would normally break your guard and blocking in general will take very little stamina. You'll need a Strength rating of 22 to use it effectively though.

In general, forging weapons and shields up to +3 early on is a great idea. Remember that you can get a ton of basic Ores by killing the one-time spawning Bag Holder Lizardmen in 2-1.

Females should get the Silver Bracelet to the left of the Legion monster in 3-1, down the hallway just before him and next to the full set of Fluted Armor. It only has 2 defense, but gives +20% souls from slain enemies.

Do NOT consume Demon Souls from the bosses, as they are used to make unique weapons or learn unique spells and miracles. The Hero and Soldier Souls on the other hand exist only to be consumed. So equip them to an item slot and tap Square like mad until they're gone(though you might want to save them for a rainy day when you get stuck somewhere).
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User Info: Mikumari

8 years ago#2
Good info. Bump for all the noobs like me.
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User Info: razzarok

8 years ago#3
Thank you very much for this awesome post!

Got the game yesterday and quit after I died to the red knight and managed to get my ~2k souls back (will spend those on that heater shield now)... Now I just need to decide if I stick with the royal or switch to soldier.
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User Info: Sephiroth C Ryu

Sephiroth C Ryu
8 years ago#4
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User Info: StockpileThomas

8 years ago#5
Top work Duneman! Very helpful info indeed. Keep bumping it people!

User Info: kriztofer

8 years ago#6
thanks, i wasnt sure what the wooden catalyst and the jade hair ornament were for until I read this, thank you for clearing that up.

User Info: BreathFire420

8 years ago#7
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User Info: PenguinGod19

8 years ago#8

Quick question. Would it generally be a better idea to use the fire demons soul to learn the spell on the first playthrough and then give it to the blacksmith on additional playthroughs, that way you will always have that spell from the begining. I'm doing a caster this time, as opposed to my knight on the import, and was thinking this may be a better way to go about that.

User Info: pixie_sticks

8 years ago#9
Ooh, I was wondering if the one item I hadn't looted from the dragon's roost there was worthwhile.

Is getting smacked and killed by the green dragon's tail a possibility? I was eyeballing the risk when fetching my souls from the red dragon's killing ground for the second or third time.
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User Info: Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower
8 years ago#10
Is getting smacked and killed by the green dragon's tail a possibility?

It's not a possibility, it's a PROBABILITY, lol. It happened to me. I got greedy and tried to grab too much in one go. One hit, dead.
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