Luck might actually be worth it

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User Info: Ninja_Zombie83

7 years ago#1

Everyone is in agreement that luck is a pretty useless stat unless you are going for a blueblood sword build. However... with the amount of farming I've done (and still need to do) pumping up luck seems more and more worthwhile. I mean, chunks of greystone, marrowstones, faintstones, bladestones, mercurystones, chunks of cloudstones, purestones...thats a lot of drops! Some guys are just plain lucky reguardless of their stat, but for some people like me, carrying around the sword of searching with 10 luck just doesn't cut it! Since I can't trade online, the thought of making a theif character pumping up luck seems worth the restart.

User Info: Beck225

7 years ago#2
Luck just affects how often drops come, not how good. You will end up with more grass and shards then you will be able to hold. Don't count on anything even half decent. With 1 drop or 100 drops a .5% drop rate will still be a .5% rate and so on and so forth with every drop. Unless you want lots of low level junk then it's not worth it

User Info: shenlongxz

7 years ago#3
You just proved that luck is worth it. Say you get 10 drops every hour with your 8 luck, that means you have 10 shots at getting the .5% chance item. With a higher drop rate, you get more shots at getting that item in a shorter period of time.

This is of course not the case if the enemy is guaranteed to drop an item, but that isn't the case with farming ores from normal enemies. Drop rate is one of the few stats that scales in a linear fashion all the way to 99, and besides luck raises plague resistance which is pretty groovy (diminishing returns after 30 just like almost everything else).

User Info: Ninja_Zombie83

7 years ago#4
So, is it worth it to just re-roll a new character and mak'em irish? It takes over 200k to get a level now, and my luck is at 12 :P

User Info: krichton

7 years ago#5
Only worth it if you really wanted to get a bunch of items, and then just trade it to yourself somehow .... assuming you have a really trustworthy friend, or two PS3s and a two copies of Demon's Souls.

Why restart though? You want the items to build weapons, weapons that require STR/DEX/MAG/ etc.

User Info: antares005

7 years ago#6
I have a question, so we know that luck affects the rate of drops not the quality, right? But what if the WT is Pure Black? Will it change anything because PB WT change the quality of drops? Will a high luck character profit more in PBWT?
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User Info: Ninja_Zombie83

7 years ago#7

The way I see it, luck effects drops as a whole, not just the quality, by a percentage. For example: a monster might carry 5 items; nothing, soul remains, bladestone, chunk of bladestone, pure bladestone.

With 0 luck, your chances might look like; nothing 60%, soul remains 20%, bladestone 10%, chunk 8%, pure 2%

Everytime you add points into your luck stat, it reduces the nothing % and allocates it to the others. So with the addition of luck points, you might get; nothing 30%, soul remains 40%, bladestone 15%, chunk 12%, pure 3%.

Of course this probably isn't accurate, but it makes a lot more sense than saying "it doesn't effect the quality" when it actually does. Drop rate is all drops. You should get a lot more crappy items than nothing, but you should also get more quality drops among the crap too.

It would be nice to see some sort of formula to see how exactly luck effects everything and add in world tendancy's so we could all stop guessing :P

User Info: Geosapient

7 years ago#8
I'm guessing that the game makes two rolls (at least). The first roll would be to see if the enemy drops anything and this one would be the one that the luck stat affects. The second roll would be what actually drops if the first roll succeeds, This one may or may not be affected by the luck stat.
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User Info: DarnathS

7 years ago#9
Whats with everyone wanting to rereoll for 1 stat?? Jus grind more souls and raise your actual chars luck?

User Info: Ninja_Zombie83

7 years ago#10
Because its easier to start over with 25 luck and start putting stats into it when soul levels cost 2k rather than having it at 12 luck and needing 200k to level.

Like when you first go to 4-4 and farm stingrays, you can get 3 levels or more each run, then 1 level a run.... atm I need about 5-6 runs per level.
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