Fluted Armor

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User Info: skinneyfat

8 years ago#1
I read the wiki about where the armor is but I can't seem to get to it. I am at the Legion hallway but every cell I check is empty. Can anyone give me anything more specific than "The eastern hallway". I've checked every cell on that floor and it's not showing up. When I look at that floor from a higher level I can see the glow so I know it didnt disappear. Thanks

User Info: Tickmeoff

8 years ago#2
Pretty sure it's not in a cell, it's just at the end of the hall past Legion on the ground.
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User Info: Geosapient

8 years ago#3
It's not in a cell. If you face where the legion is / was from the door you first enter, you'll want to turn to your left and run down to the end of that block of cells. It'll be on one of the two corpses there.
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User Info: skinneyfat

8 years ago#4
Thanks guys. I must have tried to pick it up but was overburdened and dropped it. Then I died. Is there another way to get that armor? It's not important but I'd like to have it? Thanks for the help.

User Info: Astroshak

8 years ago#5
If you left it lying on the ground and died or left the World .. its gone for good. You'll have to either find it next cycle, or buy it, if it is something that is purchased (though I don't recall this armor as one that is purchased anywhere).

If you get overloaded and want to keep something . either drop enough arrows/cheap grass to make room, OR equip the ring that increases your item burden. If you equip the ring, depending on what Form you're in (Body or Soul) it may be best to cut the current excursion short and head for Stockpile Thomas ...

User Info: tomo012

8 years ago#6
Why people never carry a Ring of Herculean Strength always boggles my mind. The damn ring weighs 0.2 and increases your item burden weight by 50%. When I put mine on, my item weight burden increases to over 180.

Do people just not understand what the ring's description means or something?

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User Info: skinneyfat

8 years ago#7
Yeah, I would have wore the ring but I can't remember why I would have left it there without trying to pick it up. I must have been fighting some prisoners and got distracted before I saw the warning or something.

Thanks a lot. I'm going light armored this time through so I'm not so worried about it. I have other options anyway.

User Info: Sumez

8 years ago#8
The Fluted set is pretty good, but very heavy. I started as a knight, so I had it since the beginning, and played most of the game with it, prioritizing power over speed. As the game progressed, I got able to equip heavier stuff using the ring of great strength and a high endurance, so in order to have heavy equipment, AND be able to roll properly, I started replacing parts of the armor. The black set is almost as good as fluted and a LOT lighter. Yurts armor has nearly the same stats (some parts are just 1 point lower, while it has better resistances) and weighs the same.

So fluted is good, but you'll do well without it.

User Info: skinneyfat

8 years ago#9
Yeah, no worries. I'm doing a ranged build so I'm mainly using the black leather unless I want a certain resistance. My first char I had to wait until NG+ to get Doran's armor so now I'm working on helping ostrava live until he gives up the key. I killed him in NG+ just to get the key.

Anyway I'm sure I can wait. I'm doing fine with leather. It's really about shield and weapon skills anyway, for me. And half the time the enemy doesn't get close enough to hit me.

User Info: PojoTheChicken

8 years ago#10
The fluted set is actually my personal favourite. The thing that actually drew my attention to the game was the awesome fluted helm and then I looked into the game haha.

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