Spiked shield?

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User Info: cruhunter12

7 years ago#1
Where in 1-2 is it? which path?

What kind of shield is it? Small shield able to parry? or big shield with the blunt thing.
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User Info: popliyo

7 years ago#2
a small shield with the parry option replaced with a quick shield bash. where it is i cant remember.
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User Info: JNine91

7 years ago#3
i think , im not sure
so dont rip my balls out if im wrong on this
but the second time you have to have to run from the dragons fire on the bridge the few items that are there, you ahve to scavenge threw and get it.
good luck & hope you dont get burnt to toast =D
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User Info: Ziero

7 years ago#4
It's a small shield that can't parry and instead can be used to quickly jab at an enemy in close range doing damage. I use it a lot because I like having the defense of a light shield while still being able to give a one-two combo attack, especially in tight corridors and such. But it's damage isn't all that great (at it's base form anyway) and it's not as good as blocking as larger shields. It reduces the damage taken by a lot, but eats up a lot of endurance doing so as it has the second lowest hit res in game. It's probably better suited to a fast attacking melee class then a heavy armor class.
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User Info: Joolsy

7 years ago#5
Should I be getting this shield levelled up instead of my Heater or just keep using the Heater and wait for a better shield to come along?

I ask because my Heater is +4 now and it seems like a lot of effort currently to grind enough ores to increase the Spiked Shield to a similar level.
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User Info: Ziero

7 years ago#6
Looking at the stat growth of the two shields, the Spike Shield only really gains in attack damage while the Heater, like every other shield, grows in it's ability to block attacks while losing less endurance. The Spike Shield's hitres never changes, according to the wiki, meaning that it always drains a lot of energy when you block a hit. While the Heater will slowly get much better at blocking things without tearing up your stamina. If you're looking for a pure defensive shield, the Heater is far superior. Because the Spike's main special ability is the fact that it can be used as an offensive weapon while being used as a shield.

Again, for a light melee class, especially one with high Dex, the Spike shield is a decent offhand item because it gives the full protection of a shield while being able to do damage. But your main form of defense will be evading rather then blocking so the Spike shield is more of a "just in case" defense. For heavy armor jobs, getting an actual defensive shield will probably be more effective because it means you can directly block hits without losing large chunks of your stamina, leaving you plenty of chances to counter attack.

In the end though, it'll all come down to playstyle, but for defensive purposes, a Heater Shield is effectively better then a Spike Shield.
"I have a forebrain, my ability to abstract thoughts allow for all kinds of things" - Red Mage 8-Bit theater
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