Most powerful endgame weapon(s)?

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User Info: Disturbed13

7 years ago#1
I know some people hate saying one weapon is "teh best" since it can be situational, but I'd still like to know what weapons end up being the "best" once you reach endgame. I see things like north regalia and meat clever as potentials, but I've never been to SL 100, fully upgraded everything, or calculated how much damamge having a certain # of sats would give. For example, a dragon great axe +5 may be rediculously powerfrul on the frist playthrough, but as the fact that it doesn't scale with stats becomes more apparant when enemies get harder, it is no longer one of the best weapons (or maybe it is! I don't know how powerful other weapons get from stackables)

I don't want just one answer (unless there is one weapon that is overpowered or something), but I would like to see what weapons are the best and for when.why.

Obviously a fully upgraded sticky longbow is the best for ranged weapons, so I'll save ya'll some trouble with that.


User Info: stealthflame

7 years ago#2
firestorm :)

User Info: Campaign4Games

7 years ago#3
The best weapons depends on your stats. Crushing Weapons based on STR, Sharp Weapons based on DEX, Quality Weapons based on STR and DEX, Moon and Crescent Weapons based on Magic and a little bit of STR and DEX, and Blessed Weapons based on Faith and a little of STR and DEX.

These are what most people do, not just for endgame weapons, but for online Player vs Player.

You can use the following that you mention for endgame, but as you level up, you're better off with the upgrades mentioned above.

User Info: RCFTOD

7 years ago#4
A lot of guys end game lvl 720s I see using things like Blue Blood sword, Hiltless, Dragon Bone Smasher, Because of the stats and its starting damage they usually do more than say a Crushing+5 and Sharp+5 and Blue Blood sword has 4 things effecting is, Magic,Faith,Strength, and Luck So say you have 99 in all of these it would stack up to a lot of damage.

User Info: dok_dx

7 years ago#5
1st playthrough SL around 70ish. Demonbrandt with PWCT.

User Info: Disturbed13

7 years ago#6
eh, when I said SL 100 I meant 720, or max level. I obviously know it depends on stats and said that in my post. People on gamefaqs seem to have very poor reading comprehension skills. Anyways, thanks for the person who figured out what I meant. More opinions would be appreciated. I'm interested to what sorts of set ups people at max soul level are running.

User Info: HNETNaruto

7 years ago#7
At max slvl, maybe Quality +5 because they get good bonus from two stats and can be buffed with Light Weapon.

User Info: e4gleeye

7 years ago#8

From: Disturbed13 | #006
when I said SL 100 I meant 720

That 2 numbers looks so similar!

People on gamefaqs seem to have very poor reading comprehension skills

Let's post a question with an error that will change the answer dramatically, then insult those that answer based on the already wrong question!!!
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User Info: dmljr

7 years ago#9
Though I doubt you want to level to 720. keeping lower level will make pvp and co-op easier.

So best would be either crushing for str, or sharp for dex. Takes to about 65-70 until it does more damage then a dragon weapon, without enchant spells or items,

If you get str and dex to 99 quality will be slightly higher, but not much.

Better off sinking points into other stats, Faith(blessed) or magic(crescent) for a 2nd weapon the deals magical damage with hp/mp regen. Plus you get more damage to either miracles or magic.

End to 40.
Wouldn't bother with Vit. you advance far enough even with 99 you will still be one shotted, plus you can't delevel it.
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User Info: kelt321

7 years ago#10

On my first playthrough I used Demonbrand all the time, then switched to obvious North Regalia on my 2nd playthrough. However, for my other faithbuild character i use Blessed Knight Sword+5, which does above 380 demage nd for the boss fights i use either Blessed Mirdan hammer +5 (405dmg)or the Blessed Great Sword (550 dmg). For my dexterity build I use Sharp Uchigatana+5, which has around 350 dmg, but can be buffed. And for my mage I use Moon Uchigatana+5, which does 398 dmg or Crescent Uchigatana+5, which does about 380 demage.

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