Why do soo many people use the Falchion over the kilij?

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  3. Why do soo many people use the Falchion over the kilij?

User Info: wpninja

7 years ago#1
I know some people do it because they find the crescent one in 4-1* Which is a stupid reason because you could make a better crescent with just a few shards* But most of the people I see don't use a crescent version so why do people use it when the kilij is clearly better?
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User Info: rkzha0

7 years ago#2
some ppl don't like the way the kilij looks. I think most ppl just don't know how easy it is to actually upgrade a kilij to crescent. they just roll with the falchion.

User Info: shadowsofdawn

7 years ago#3
I dont think ive ever seen someone use a falchion who are above level 30. Kilij are pretty rare too. I love the Kilij though, my theif character with a mercury kilij +5 is my favorite character.

User Info: Sword-Demon

7 years ago#4
i suppose the main reason is because of the 4-1 C falchion.. they get it and use all their darkmoonstones on it. then they find the kilij, check the stats, and they dont look as good as their newly upgraded +4 C falchion, and assume it's not as good.

but i'm betting only inexperienced players make that mistake. people who take the time to study the weapons know to use the kilij.

User Info: DarKTsunG

7 years ago#5
I still use a Crescent Falchion+5 on my 130 Mage. I've considered upgrading a Kilij but look at the stats. CF=112/119 CK=119/126 both with an A in magic, I'd rather not go through the trouble for 7/7 more damage.
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User Info: rkzha0

7 years ago#6
but greater higher base dmg comes greater scaling

User Info: DarKTsunG

7 years ago#7
Aw don't make me upgrade a Kilij...
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User Info: rkzha0

7 years ago#8
... and the kilij has longer reach :)

User Info: Gmoney-

7 years ago#9
Im still pretty new to this.

But im using like some pickaxe I upgraded a few times.

I know, I know NOOB haha.

So im thinking, maybe i'll try 4-1 for this falchion you guys all speak of tomorrow. Is there a certain way to upgrade it? I didn't even know you could upgrade it in different ways.

I know, I know noob.

Me and my buddy just like running around killing stuff trying to take down bosses for trophies and fun anyway so it's no biggie.

I just want to kill stuff better :P

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User Info: EWGF

7 years ago#10
This is pretty obvious:

A Falchion requires 9 Strength (base royal Strength) while a Kilij requires 14.

However, on my Royal caster, I sunk one point into Strength to 2-hand the mighty +5 Crescent Kilij.
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  3. Why do soo many people use the Falchion over the kilij?

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