How long does it normally take to beat the first level?

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  3. How long does it normally take to beat the first level?

User Info: Tree06

6 years ago#11
I took me about three hours, lol. I was creeping around every corner because I didn't know what was hiding around the corner.

User Info: gearofages

6 years ago#12
I beat the level after a little trial and error (8+ hours and 100+ deaths). The game doesn't seem so hard when you can level up indefinitely.

User Info: zyrax2301

6 years ago#13
You must have the patience of a saint. 8 hours on 1-1, holy ****.
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User Info: fayenatic

6 years ago#14
never give up. i remember when i started, the game seemed so difficult and challenging. but the more i played, the more i recognized the importance of dodging and attacking. this is demon souls. there will be a lot of trial by fire. it is brutal, but it hurts so good.

User Info: ThePlasmaStorm

6 years ago#15
OBJECTION. You cannot level up until you beat 1-1.
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User Info: ZeroSHEARER

6 years ago#16
I am so playing this game again tonight i gave up sort of when something else came out about a month after Demon's souls as i just plain suck at it, i think i must have been about 4-5 hours myslef on first level as kept getting brutalised by the blue knight, (i know he isn't that hard) but god literally terrified the life out of me his eyes were so creepy at first, and the spike in difficulty between the enemies you fought until him then he just steps in hey whaddup chump welcome to the big league known as Demon's souls slap "dead already" lolololololololol go and do ALL THAT AGAIN!!!!! But the great thing is that he really makes you wanna get good and go and murder his a**. Thats why this is different from most hard games because it was YOUR fault not the game being cheap its not frustrating as such, that said i did armor spider and then went to next level in the prison block type place and got owned by the guy with the bell :(. I think im gonna try figure him out as my spear just broke when i hit him :'( scared me off of the game until now.
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  3. How long does it normally take to beat the first level?

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