Totally stuck on Armored Spider, please help

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User Info: CradleXX

6 years ago#1
I've searched all over internet for help and i'm still stuck. I'm a royal and have focused on magic. My soul level is ten. I don't have the flame resistance ring or the purple shield unfortunately. I'd like a method that involves killing it with soul arrows if possible, since I don't have a Bow. I do have a crossbow, and 16 wooden bolts, if that can help. Melee wise, i have the Kris Blade and the Schimitar (+2). The web attack is especially what's killing me. I can't find a way to dodge it. Also I have a couple thousand souls sitting in a pile next to the boss. So I would definitely like to get those back if possible. Finally, I'd prefer to beat this boss without summoning anyone if possible. :P

Hopefully someone can help. Thank you in advance. :)

User Info: XRay_Specs

6 years ago#2
Everybody always talks about beating it from a distance, but personally I run straight up to it with Water Veil casted to protect from fire damage (unsure of name of spell - I play in Japanese). It should be possible to survive his big flamethrower attack if you do. Then just cast/slash your way to victory. Not that I mean to make it sound easy, it is a challenge.
Have you considered abandoning those few souls by him and going to Shrine of Storms to kill skeletons and stock up? You can get quite a few. Level 10 is a bit low for Spidey, I think.
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User Info: JimiMorrison187

6 years ago#3
You can hit it with soul arrow. Thief ring is a must though.

You can lock on. You know how to lock on right? R3.

You have to walk up slowly and lock on. You may only get one hit in, and he may move before you get the hit. You just need to keep doing it and you have to go all the way to the back and put on the fragrant ring to regen MP if you run out.

Always where the thief ring. Always if you are doing it from distance. If you take off a ring make it the cling ring. You can't get hit though. You would die most likely. You need to know his attacks and roll out of the way. You are going to have to chip away for a while if that spell is your option.
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User Info: CatfishWiggins

6 years ago#4
He's the easiest to beat with magic, in my opinion.

Lock on to him, and watch his movements. Don't cast when he's rearing up to shot web. Roll when he shots web or when he throws fireballs, and then just cast on him after you've dodged the shots. Only his web and his long range fireball can hit you, so don't worry about the aoe spray he does. You can actually bait him into spraying and then back out of range and get some free casts in while he's spraying.
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User Info: fcpidolo

6 years ago#5
I killed him in melee. Here's what I did:

Rush rush rush to the spider with the shield up, avoiding flame balls and block web shots (lol web shots);
Up close, hit once, go to the left and block any kind of stomping;
After you see the spider wanting to spit a whole lot of fire, RUN to the entrace;
Repeat from 1;

Worked well for me. As for a weapon, I believe I used a winged spear. As for shield I didnt use anything special, but I believe that the Purple Flame Shield should help you if by somehow the spider hits you with his flame balls.
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User Info: zeldacubegamer

6 years ago#6
First of all put out of your mind your bloodstain. Just doesn't matter at this point if you lose it or not. A few thousand souls can be regained too easily to make retrieving your bloodstain a priority right now. By all means pick it up if you have an opportunity (without dying in the process), but otherwise just forget about it.

Now, 2 spots near where you first enter along each side of the tunnel(1 on the left, 1 on the right) will protect you from the fireball attacks. About the middle of the tunnel there is a spot on the left & right that will block you from both the fireball AND the spider web attack.

Easiest way to find these spots would be to play online in order to see messages on the ground. Usually people leave a message right on the safe spots. So, put on your Thief ring, play online, look for the messages on the left & right about midway thru the tunnel & while hugging either wall boogie to either spot midway down the tunnel. Use Soul Arrow or whatever range weapon you want.

If you can't play online then wear your thief ring, enter the tunnel & look for the bodies sticking to the sides in the locations I've described. You'll notice they stick out from the walls a bit. These are what block the spider's attacks, so use them to your advantage.

BTW the crossbow works just find on this Boss, so use all the bolts you have & then use your magic. You'll conserve mana that way.

If you have the Fragrant ring then wear it, but if you don't then you may need to buy a few spices before the fight. Good luck!
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User Info: SweetPea_89

6 years ago#7
Soul level 10 is kind of low but easily doable. If you're really struggling pump your vit and end a little, upgrade your shield a little so the rocks don't break your guard so easily. Heater Shield, Kite, Knight, Steel shield (found in this level) are all perfectly viable depending on your strength. Don't be afraid to block them, you'll leak 10% damage but you'll hold up with a little more end and a slightly upgraded shield.

Then you can block the rocks and make your way up close and use soul arrow. Just remember to run right back out the tunnel when he starts to charge his fire attack. Rinse and repeat.

User Info: zyrax2301

6 years ago#8
I think fighting armor spider with ranged magic is awesome, it seems to me that this is how the boss fight was designed. His ranged attacks perfectly coincide with the timing it takes to cast a spell and just barely roll out of the way, then get ready to cast again. It's epic rolling practice :)

TC, maybe you should take on 3-1 first so you can get Soul Ray. It is more powerful than Soul Arrow, takes one memory slot just like Soul Arrow, and costs only a little bit more MP. But perhaps you should think about levelling up a little bit too, to raise your chances of survival.
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User Info: Thoracic

6 years ago#9
When you start the fight immediately run forward towards the spider, when it rears up dodge to the side, it's either going to throw a fireball or sticky web at you; neither are good news.

When you reach the spider make sure you have a shield as well as striking weapon in hand, block with the shield when the spider crosses it's legs as it's going to strike you; when you see the spider seizuring double hand your weapon and strike as it falls to the ground. Quicky equip your shield again by pressing triangle and repeat the process mentioned until the spider stops and sort of looks at you, this is when it unleashes a flamethrower, it's time for you to retreat to the back of the tunnel.

Once the spider stops breathing fire just go back to the top and repeat the process until it's dead.

This boss gave me so much trouble but it really is easy, just make sure you have a shield if you're going to melee it.

User Info: setster101

6 years ago#10
First time I beat it by just hanging back with Thief's Ring and casting Soul Arrow, then rolling away from his attacks.

Second time there was a message nearby the entrance to where the Armored Spider is sitting and it said Sniper's Perch. So I sat there and casted spells on him, and he couldn't even hit me with any attacks at all.

I haven't done a melee build yet, so I'm not quite sure what to tell you if you're planning on meleeing him.
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