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User Info: Dark-Star13

7 years ago#1

Tell us your favorite Fawful quotes, I don't have the first two, so I only know stuff like "I HAVE FURY!" and "MUSTARD OF DOOM!"

User Info: Chaosmaster00

7 years ago#2
One of my favorite funny ones, mostly because it's from a typo, is... <Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Spoilers>

His misspelling of his own villain master, Cackletta (somehow):

"But... Now that I am thinking, Cakletta's revival was all thanks to my quite nasty efforts."


<end Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga Spoilers>

Other favorite ones include his infamous "sandwich plan" and "mustard of your doom" quotes, the usual "I HAVE FURY!", and stuff like that.

But what I liked about in M&L:PiT was, when you talk to him as the babies, he tells them how he USED to have fury, and sometimes has fury, and then how sometimes the fury has him or something along those lines. XP

Another good one from PiT was about how he thought Beans were like "precious gems milked from a famous cow made of jewels" or something. That always got me. :P
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User Info: Ultrashroom77

7 years ago#3


User Info: PokemonAddict23

7 years ago#4
The part when he says the bean symbols disappearing like babies when you dig beans... And also the "I HAVE FURY!" quote. I'd start a flame war with somebody who doesn't like that quote.
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User Info: Calvin079

7 years ago#5
"And this battle shall be the delicious mustard on that bread. The mustard of your doom!"


After the second battle with Fawful:

"I have fury! In the last moments of the finale of the finale, when relief leads to negligence that begets rashness...that is when the comeback that faltered comes back and beats your pathetic comeback that I scoff at!"


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User Info: Prof_J

7 years ago#6
"Now is when I ram you!!" Even though he didn't ram, he did more of a tumble.
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User Info: Koopalmier

7 years ago#7

"I have fury !"

"Beef ? Fawful is beefless. Fawful is lacking in beef."

User Info: Amniculus

7 years ago#8
Something like, "You are like caricatures drawn by a child who is stupid."


Isn't that an Internet meme?
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User Info: Koopalmier

7 years ago#9
Nope, it's an Engrish "You're a winner !".

User Info: Dimentio_AKA_X_

7 years ago#10
"Beans hide in the dirt of this country like dirt fish who like to eat dirt for dinner."
"You are more stupid than brainless cats who are to stupid to know that they are stupid!"
"D-Did I have insanity?"
And the next one isn't really a quote, but when you click sell in the Bean n' Badge shop...
"You pay attention now! You sell? You get coins! You have super staches? I AM NOT CARING! Beans are not for you!"
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