Final Rank....(spoilers)

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User Info: NaruJoe

7 years ago#1
does anyone know the level beyond Gold Boss Rank and Star Rank ??
and wat level do yu obtain these ranks ??
Bakit Pa ?

User Info: meteor6666

7 years ago#2
Rainbow rank for marrio and luigi. get both of them that rank and get luigi an EXCELENT!! badge. you can only get excellents and if not, you bar for that charecter used is gone. the effect of the badge is amazing and worth it.

Bowsers is..... i didnt get it. i was level 39 but my bro accidently overwrite my save with a new one. you get fangs for getting the rank.

i wanna know what the guy at the end says when getting the bowser rank 4 and marrio and luigi rainbow ranks. i got the rainbow ranks only. and who is that guy anyway.....
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User Info: HylianAngel

7 years ago#3
and who is that guy anyway.....

Chakron, the third sage. It is implied when he talks about Bowser to the brothers and when Chakron teleports the brother away.
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User Info: Boomerang78

7 years ago#4
Rainbow Rank for Mario and Luigi. Level 40. You get an Excellent!! Badge that increases the meter all the same as the Excellent badge, but HUGELY boosts the effects of using it. All action commands MUST be excellent or the meter goes down for the bro who failed the Action Command.

The Final Boss Rank for Bowser. Level 40. You get some fangs, dunno the effect.

User Info: Viro

7 years ago#5
Chakron. Chakroad. C'mon, who else would it be?
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User Info: Mariomaster777

7 years ago#6
Bowser gets the Intruder Fangs at level 40. The description says you can perform the SAME action twice. Yet, having used it, you can perform two different actions. Basically it's like having two turns for every one turn your foes get.
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User Info: NaruJoe

7 years ago#7
dang...level 40 ??
wheres a gewd place to train ??
aha cuz im like stuck training in Princess Peach's Castle...
im only gettin like..1000 exp a fight....
for both bowser nd the bros
Bakit Pa ?

User Info: ffl2and3rocks

7 years ago#8
For Bowser, the best place is Peach's castle (inside with the Dark Mechawfuls, not outside with the regular Mechawfuls). For the bros, go to the airway.
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User Info: NaruJoe

7 years ago#9
The airway ?
inside bowser ?
Bakit Pa ?

User Info: HylianAngel

7 years ago#10
The Airway is only accessible later on in Peach's Castle when you have a source of flowing ice particles.
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