Any other games like Pikmin?

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User Info: Ornitier

6 years ago#1
Heya, I was wondering if there are any other games out there as fun as Pikmin with the same concept (kinda)?
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User Info: Archer_Yoshi

6 years ago#2
Pikmin 2?
Well, no other game is exactly like the original, but I hear Overlord is similar. Dunno how good it is though.
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User Info: Applepieman

6 years ago#3
From what I've played, Little King's Story (for the Wii) is the closest thing I've come across and its really good, I had a lot of fun with it.

Overlord is stretching it, it kind of feels like a blend of Fable and Pikmin, with its own flavor, but the Pikmin aspect isn't like Pikmin as you know it just having a bunch of minions helping you out.
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  3. Any other games like Pikmin?

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