Pikmin 3 New Enemy/bosses and pikmin and treasures

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User Info: metalmonster13

8 years ago#1

Ideas for new pikmin and enemys

User Info: NeutronStar256

8 years ago#2
Some kind of new Long Legs would be interesting...oh! And an "Anode Bublax" would be nice(and annoying). They need a place with really deep water, so deep that even the camera gets submerged. Can't think of new Pikmin...but let me tell you, they better have caves in Pikmin 3. Pikmin2 wouldn't be the same without caves...that's where all the action and fun occurs! But anyway, I'll post again when I get more ideas.
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User Info: ajnels

8 years ago#3
My ideas for Pikmin 3.
There should be Green Pikmin they can carry bomb rocks.
Pink Pikmin are Pink Gel proof.
Pink Gel is a new element that is slimer to water.
Gold Pikmin have armor that breaks when steped on. Also they are harder to eat then other pikmin. Lastly they are magntic.
Black Pikmin can sleath you and your Pikmin if in hand.
Also I have some foe ideas-
Blue Bulbear-Sleeps, eats 10 pikmin at a time, and heals faster then Spotty Bulbears.
Blub Stiker-Hits the ground with its stems and needs to be blow up. Boss.
Raging-Man-at-Legs-You should know.
I also have a wild not needed Pikmin
Gray Pikmin-Are Fast, have a great jump, and good attack-but no element restinte.
Thats all for now.

User Info: ajnels

8 years ago#4
Add more captains. Make a Co-OP mode for story.
Pikmin update!!!
Greens have claws to better grip bomb rocks.
Pinks Human ears.
Gold Mouth.
Black Green Eyes.
Grays Nose, and elf ears.
Also when fighting Bulbmin they have diffent colored babys.
I also need to give second abiltes.
Greens can make boats but only with the needed tools.
Pinks TBD
Blacks can carry Rams.
Leaf Bulb Flowers or L.B.F
Green-Pink, white, and red.
Pink-Green, Blue, and Blue.
Blacks-Green, Red, and Red.

Bye for now.

User Info: Archer_Yoshi

8 years ago#5
Snagret Chick: A baby snagret. They come in flocks.

User Info: ajnels

8 years ago#6
Cut the Blacks can carry rams. Give us more then 4.5 areas per game. Also I have 6 treasure ideas. Pikmin 1, Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, wii, gamecube Controller, and Wiirotom.
New Foe ideas!!!!
Baby Gooxlix-Slower, and weaker then an adult one.
Gel Prong-Smoky but with Gel.
Cave ideas.
Sublevel 1
Gel with Pink candy Pops.
Final Floor!!!
Black Candy Pops. Plus a Gel Prong.

User Info: shadypichu08

8 years ago#7
how about the
this strange turtle like creature has horns claws spikes and breaths fire
pichu will have vengeance

User Info: MeNobody

8 years ago#8
I actually wouldn't mind if they went back to the roots and left us with only three coloured pikmin
And have a time limit at the first part of the game, like how we had to collect 10k in Pikmin 2 but you must collect so and so within 30 days or such. And then have the freedom of going back and collecting rest of parts/treasures/junk

I hope I never see the caves ever again. I hated the restriction on caves. They brought challenge, but made you sit down for hours trying to save every single pikmin as well as collect every treasure. I hated that pressure.
But then, I wouldn't know where to put all those bosses in the fields, unless they have like 10 or so areas. And it would make Purple and Pink pikmin overpowered if they decide to pull the caves out and include purple and white pikmin.

A Co-op campaign is a must. And expanding the Vs mode in Pikmin 2 into more fair and competitive play. Probably not online, but if it's really good, then yes. In Pikmin 2, the person who collected most cherries had the map under his spell.

Oh, and I've become to loathe long leg family now, especially that gruesome, horrible, sadistic, murderous Man-at-legs. On my first run, I've lost 75 pikmin on that thing. Had to resurface, dig back down and try to kill him, only to lose another 50. Then I had to gather more pikmin and found a way to kill that robot.
Oh, and there's the fat version of daddy long legs that has potential to kill all of your pikmin within a stomp or two.....

What I'd love to see is an epic war with Pikmin Vs Bulborbs
Why do we play games?
Because we all love to pretend

User Info: ajnels

8 years ago#9
Keep all the old foes, but make the Titan Dwillvil more common but not have all his tools.
Also make more Bloysters Make full eco-Syemtes. Like make a pack of Drafts eat some Shergrubs. Or terroil creatures fight each other for land. Like if two Spottys see each other have them bite.
Also I think that there should wild onoins that havePikmin you can call and they are yours. I also want to see onions having health so a foe can destory them, but Onions grow seeds.

User Info: JollyBuda

8 years ago#10
Pikmin I deas

Pink- Can fly, serve as scouts
Green-Have large spring leaves on head to reach higher areas
Brown-Carry Bomb Rocks/Rocks in General
Black-Cost 8 Pikmin (One of each colour) they have amazing offensive capabilities.
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