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User Info: SinamunStk

7 years ago#1
Yeah - I've read it's the least favorite and hardest boss. Here's the deal. I can get through the first three sections.

The fourth is the killer. The first time he goes green go to the left hand slot above me on the bottom floor. CHECK.

Then the second time I have to bomb 2 slots. The upper right hand one then the one I just did above.

Right so far?

Does anyone have DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to damage him and which bomb slots to hit after the first successful hurting?


User Info: Croabadrin

7 years ago#2
Is this the part where there's like four or five floors? The point of this one is to hit the bomb slots in ascending order. Hit the lowest one, then the one above it, and keep repeating this until he gets hurt. If one runs out, start over. There is a Bomb Slot for every layer if I remember correctly (it's been a while since I've played this game)
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