Hypermode (hard) boss strategy guides?

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User Info: Angrist95

6 years ago#1
Okay so anyone who has played/beaten any of the MP games on hypermode knows just how incredibly difficult it can be. It often calls for completely different strategies to defeating bosses and even normal enemies like space pirates.
Now I find myself stuck on the Emporer Ing (MP2). Ive beaten mp1 on hypermode and the difficulty increase from veteran to hypermode wasn't to bad so I figured if I was able to beat that on hypermode I could beat mp2 on hypermode w/o too much difficulty...oh how wrong I was lol
I'm at my wits end, I cant figure out how to get past even the first phase of the fight, conventional strategy doesnt work on this guy. I've tried power bombing the tentacles but run out, seeker missles just gets me killed trying to lock on, anni beam works...until you run out of ammo (which doesnt take long). Does anyone know of a strategy for this guy that works on hypermode?

Can't imagine what mp3 will be like on hypermode...lol

User Info: jaycdany

6 years ago#2
Im right there with you. Hypermode is hard, and its a good thing right? Now, for the 1st phase, my strongest suggestion is to use anni beam and power bombs for the tentacles and Super Missiles for the Eye. Period. No Sonic Boom, unless you have tons of ammo and you are about to defeat him. I have 250 ammo and 205 missiles. I saw someone on youtube killing him with just 7 E-Tanks, 75 missiles and 150 ammo. You can do it :) Once on the 2nd phase, spend as much time shooting the black shadow thingy on the Emperor to refill everything.. Im still stuck on the Emperor 3rd phase, but im getting much better than I ever was on Normal..
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  3. Hypermode (hard) boss strategy guides?

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