Help with final boss?

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User Info: SoPoF

8 years ago#1
So I'm again shooting down hordes of enemies in the boss fight ...

Alright, in the second stage, where those Waffelthinners and Space Dudes come after me, I am kind of locked at the space the stage starts. Enemies are blocking the only exit and my ammunition is empty sooner or later.

Any suggestions on how to get new and not get killed the moment I try to get anywhere?

User Info: SoPoF

8 years ago#2
Too late, I did it. Wow, that final boss was a let down ...

User Info: Goo_Back

8 years ago#3
all of your topics have been a let down
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User Info: SoPoF

8 years ago#4
Okay, so I have this one and I don't see how it is a let down. Except in case you were so eager to help, but not in time before I did it on my own, which is your fault, not mine. But from the way you sound, I doubt you wanted to do anything but troll.

Then "How to start a new game?" Where noone has answered my question up to this day, but I don't see the let down there either, the topic title doesn't raise any expections that the thread doesn't deliver. If you know the answer but didn't post it, it's your fault the thread is a let down. If you do not know the answer you could have seen without opening the thread in the messages counter that there were no replies yet, so why read it in the first place? Again, your fault if it was disppointing for you.

"Does it ever end?" I express my feeling that the levels became longer and tedious towards the end, lengthening the game without really filling it. You might disagree, but I don't see anything from you posted in there. So if that thread is such a let down for you, what exactly did you expect it was about, what could I possibly have been meaning "to end"?

These are all the threads I created here. The threads' titles describe very well what they contain or what I was asking for. You didn't contribute anything to them except one insulting remark, totally offtopic. That's why you really have no right to complain about my threads' content.

If you have any usefull hints about how to beat the final boss of Eat Lead, feel free to write it down here, because there might still be people out there who could need it. If you disagree on the final boss being a let down, why not explain what you liked about it.

I may say why I didn't like it: you don't get to fight him at all, which is kind of dissatisfying. All you get to do is fight his spawning minions in three stages, which is what you were doing all over the game almost the whole time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a final boss fight of a game should at least be somewhat special.

User Info: Townez

8 years ago#5
That last level summed up the tedium of the entire game, times 3, all in one set of sequences.
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

8 years ago#6
the last 2 levels were way to long, they should have cut them into 2 levels each.

User Info: SoPoF

8 years ago#7
Would still be the same length. The last two levels should have been shorter and a bit more diverse.

User Info: magusx666

8 years ago#8
I agree. The last level got old. This is one of those games that would have been more enjoyable for me if it had been shorter but had better content.
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