What counters Kennen?

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User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#1
I've been playing Kennen lately, but beside the fact that normally people don't see enough Kennens to know how he is played I've yet to be hard countered.

He's a hard-hitting caster/AP Burst with a great stun and no mana pool.

User Info: alvinxie

7 years ago#2
Everyone who has a slow or a stun.

User Info: Earthshaker

7 years ago#3
A stiff breeze counters Kennen.

Kennen is torn between two extremes: no survivability or no damage output. If he goes the no survivability route, he gets instagibbed in teamfights when he pops his ultimate. If he goes the no damage output, the enemy team builds treads and shrugs him off.
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User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#4
Not only does a smart Kennen not mix himself right in the bulk of a teamfight, but the idea behind not having survivability. I've never run into that with items like Rylai's. With enough magic pen, I don't have to worry -as much- about AP and can sacrifice an AP item slot for another "Survive" item if need be, though.

User Info: arti_flare

7 years ago#5
mark of storm + ult.

You would be dead before you counter. Slow or stun is the only way to stop kennen.
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User Info: lionheart5656

7 years ago#6
Every hero ever made counters kennen.

But I hear that ninja's are best eliminated by other ninjas. Ninja Assassin taught me this.
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User Info: capgamer

7 years ago#7
Anyone melee with more survivability than him. And sadly 3 of his abilities require him to be at melee range to do damage.
And sadder he has pretty much no survivability.
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User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#8
Only one of his abilities require melee range, but that should mainly be used to farm and escape and in desperate cases used to get that last mark for a stun.

But who knows, guys. Maybe I'm -so- low ELO that his ability to stun 3/5 of the enemy team, insane ult, and unparalleled amount of kiting still work.

User Info: VeeVees

7 years ago#9
insane ult, unparalleled kiting???
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User Info: Metaknight55

7 years ago#10
I don't just like Kennen, I adore the little guy. I've played him a lot since his release and have even done well with him in a few ranked games. That being said, he's a terrible champion. I have no reservations that his AP scaling and base damage on all his moves is ignorable, so much so that by the time it hits mid game he becomes virtually useless with any sort of damage build. It doesn't even matter if they kill you, by about level 11 you'll be doing garbage damage compared to anyone else on either team, unless they are also using Kennen. However, the build that I have begun using, inspired by Stonewall refined by me, is a tank build revolving around Randuin's Omen. The basic idea is to build enough survivability to not die in 2 seconds of a team fight, initiate with and AoE stun and then focus stun one guy so that they have less damage output than you. it's the only way to play him where you stay useful through all of the game.
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