Trundle counter?

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User Info: SC6

7 years ago#1
So I found myself losing to Trundle last night a lot
He's not exactly OP but certain aspects of him are really good
In fact, his AoE thing makes Irelia's innate seem pointless
Also, his Ulti gives him some insane boosts
so advice for counters?
or are we expecting a nerf here...

User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#2
The spotlight made it pretty clear on how to counter Corruption, man.
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User Info: SC6

7 years ago#3
yes, engage him outside it...but he's not a tank character, he'll just come in after his team engages
and the area on that skill is huge!
and his R pretty much cripples tanks and for a long time

User Info: EltoniaX

7 years ago#4
Irelia doesnt have to burn a skill and mana and stay in an area to use her passive. Hers is always with her, for free. Not seeing the comparison. (What do you mean its not awesome?)

User Info: SC6

7 years ago#5
his area is huge, you can just drop it before the CC
and while in that seems like CC are 30% of what they should be

User Info: Whatsmynamedood

7 years ago#6
And Irelia's passive always affects her over the entire map.
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User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#7
And Trundle's actual passive heals him whenever something dies.
~Victory needs no explanation; defeat allows none.~

User Info: SC6

7 years ago#8
but that's dependent on how many enemies there are
and in 1v1 that innate is somewhat negligible where Trundle's aoe outshines her

but that's not really the point of the topic

all my games last night included an enemy trundle so I'm wondering what are some good pointers early game and in team fights for counterin him
because his aoe can easily help him distance himself from your team, and CC'ing him in there is wasted
also his R takes a huge chunk of stats away, so heavy buff/debuff with no chance to CC him...he'll just crush your squishies...

User Info: nyhustler208

7 years ago#9
what exatly does that move do? because all the enemy trundle that i played last night I literally ignored... I would stand in it and still kill the trundle or the champ that I was orginally chasing and ignore him like he isnt even there

but then again I was using malphite, probably if i was using another champ I will see the threat to him b/c malphite is a counter to DPS champs period

Unstoppable force + groundslam + frozen heart = win against any dps champ
thats 70% Attack speed gone + an extra 30% if i have omens on so malphite can drop a champs AS back to the champs base AS
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User Info: SC6

7 years ago#10
based on what I know from that skill

CC time is reduced when used on him
he gets increase movement speed
I'm not aware of additional buffs

I think you played against a really bad Trundle in that case (and I assume you're talking about 1v1?)

in team fights that ability is a killer.
if he comes in after two team starts engagement he can ulti your tank (this drops his durability considerably) then run straight for carry/nuke without worrying about getting CC'd
this forces you to retreat or continue the fight with some serious disadvantage
his q steals health and using it on a carry makes his an instant tough dps

but yeah...those are things I observed...and I can't really figure out how to counter that other than running...but then your tank'll get trapped and killed easy
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