best way to get exp and ip?

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User Info: kelkickz

7 years ago#1
i just started this like 5 or 6 days ago and i dont have too much of an issue with the ip rate, but the exp rate seems kind of low.

like 100-220 exp for like a 45-hourish match seems low for how much you need to level.

without cheating what is the best way to get these? or do you get boost for actually killing towers or players? being top player?
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User Info: SorrySleeping

7 years ago#2
>Without cheating
>Implying we would give you cheats
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User Info: SC6

7 years ago#3
there aren't really any boosts

technically you should be finishing a 5v5 in 30min or so
fastest way may be to grind a couple of customs in 11min (but they only gave 70IP and maybe 50EXP, and I think you can only do it 4 times)

other than boosts...
but don't feel bad that you're not lvling fast enough...if your skills can't keep up, you won't have fun later

User Info: ZombieGoesWakka

7 years ago#4
First, use your double bonus of the day in a 5v5.

Every day complete all the "IP farm" custom games you can (I think it's 4 total). This is the quickest xp at around 11-12 minutes a pop.

After that you only have RP bought boosts to rely on to make it any faster.

"technically you should be finishing a 5v5 in 30min or so"

I think you mean "typically" 8)
And a solo 5v5 will typically last around 25-50 minutes largely depending on if a team is getting stomped or not.

User Info: SC6

7 years ago#5
well know...usually by 30min you should have a pretty good idea whether you can win or not
and just because you can kill 1/5 force a retreat doesn't mean you'll win with all inhibitors are down...

so yes...30min is plenty
plus if you're trying to make a come back...the game will go over to 50min...that defeats the purpose of fast money

User Info: enamea

7 years ago#6
Win.... and fast.

But otherwise, just take your time. No need to rush to lvl 30 if you're just going to be inexperienced anyways.

User Info: SC6

7 years ago#7
^ this

User Info: ZombieGoesWakka

7 years ago#8
The only problem is convincing the other 3 members to surrender 8/

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

7 years ago#9

From: SorrySleeping | #002
>Without cheating
>Implying we would give you cheats

Do you frequent GameFAQs?
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User Info: Reach13

7 years ago#10
I'm prett sure that IP farming in custom games threw lvls 1-10 doesn't have any kind of limitations on how many you do a day. After lvl 10 it goes to 6 per day. you get 71 IP and exp goes up 1-2 ponts each level @ lvl 27 it's getting 118 per run now. I'm only quoing what I heard a while ago on the 1-10 unlimited, I didn't start custom//practice till I hit 11 and was wondering the same thing. **NOTE** Custom games have a wierd system that counts the previous days time when doing the next days. For example if you started yesterday at 4:00pm and the next day you started @ 3:30 you won't get any gains till you do 24+ hours after your yesterday farm, however it counts as one of your days so if you kept going you won't get any exp//ip for that day. You would need to stop and wait for a 24+ hour period after your second game to get the gains. Though I don't know it's exactly 24+ hours it's damn close if not.** Currently trying to email Riot to get them to add a timer to let you know when the next custom game for gains hits.
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