highest ap build with items possible?

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User Info: kelkickz

6 years ago#1
im level 22 and i have pretty much all ap and magic pen runes.
i play malazhar and ive been wondering whats the best ap build i can build. just out of curiosity..

i just did a zhonyas ring and 5 arch staffs and got my ult to deal 2300dmg
we were going to lose so i traded in my 2 magic pen items for them to test out the ap power.

any better builds?
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User Info: adept89

6 years ago#2
pretty sure that is as high as you can get without being Veigar.
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User Info: Froggie48

6 years ago#3
Yup. 1 Zhonya's + 5 AA = highest AP possible barring Veigar, because his evil little ass isn't constrained by your silly limitations.

Of course that build only works for champs with mana. Kennen, Akail, Katarina, etc. would get nothing from AA.
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User Info: realfreako

6 years ago#4
Oh wow, I didn't know AA stacked
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User Info: eijiyuki

6 years ago#5
Doesn't AP increase magic and power damage? ie. Akali's shadow dance or mark of assassin

User Info: Crimson_Feather

6 years ago#6
Archangel grants AP for 3% (was it?) of your mana, manaless champs don't get that passive. They will still get that fix AP portion.

User Info: cuban69

6 years ago#7
Highest AP possible:

1 Zhonyas 4x Archangels. Leave a slot for boots =P

with a base mana of 1000, you get +915 AP

Don't tell anyone.

14,880g without the boots

+2600 mana

100 mp regen/5 seconds

User Info: SorrySleeping

6 years ago#8
Mal'zahar with 9/0/21 Masteries, ironically with those masteries Mana runes give you more AP than straight AP runes with this build.
Mana = 834.3 at level 18
AP = 83.16 at level 18

1060 Base Mana
834 from Runes
1000 from AA's Unique Passive
2000 from AA's non unique mana

Total: 4894 mana
Bonus from Masteries: 545 mana
Real Total: 5139 mana

AP from masteries: 11 at level 18
AP from AA's mana conversion: 771
AP from AA's non mana: 225
AP from Zhonya's Ring: 120

Total AP: 1127
Bonus from Zhonya's: 282
Real Total AP: 1409
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User Info: SorrySleeping

6 years ago#9
Lets say you want to get more AP going 0/21/9 (The bonus mana mastery gives you 85 AP with this build, verus the offensive tree's 11, mana runes still give you a LOT more bonus AP than the AP runes do)

So, lets skip some math.

Total AP: 1116 (old total minus offensive masteries)
Bonus from Zhonya's: 279
Real Total AP: 1395

2% bonus from defensive masteries: 27
2% bonus from being level 18*: 28
Total: 1450

*The way the Ardor masteries looks to work is that is gives you a bonus 2%, until level 18 which is gives you an extra 2% on that. Short Math: You get the 2%, and after that is calculated, you get a bonus 2%. This is why there is a difference of one AP.
~{Always Asleep}~

User Info: Kirby1207

6 years ago#10
maybe also throw in a manamune to get more mana >:)
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