How am I supposed to win a ranked match?

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User Info: Andy_Fool

6 years ago#1
Played 2 matches so far, 1st match I tanked (Shen) and none of the team could kill.

2nd match I played Akali, the rest of the team went Veiger, Singed, Heimer and Zil (bad team comp and no junglers, I know) but only me and Zilean got any kills and did anything worthwhile (I got 20/9/11, killed the squishies instantly whilst getting focused myself, Zil just bombed, harassed and was overall doing his job).

Heimer shouted for mid asap, (he had first pick, and didn't choose Rammus) died 3 times, then swapped with Veigar who had to go against a level 7 Annie whilst he was level 2 (obviously died some more), and the match just went bad from there.

Does it matter if I start off with a losing streak then make my way up?

User Info: VagrantStar

6 years ago#2
Carry your team. Lead them to victory.

If you can't do that, you don't deserve to raise in Elo, period.

Also, remember that 1200 Elo is around the sixtieth percentile for ranked, so most people end up falling in Elo when they start.
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User Info: TemporalKnight

6 years ago#3
Find a friend and duoqueue or learn every jungler and when to pick them.

Or pick/learn Morgana/Anivia every match.

Morgana is my go to champ if I want to win, CC, Aoe ult, Support shield, farming skill (w)
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User Info: mattislegion

6 years ago#4
You carry hard. Don't bother playing support or tank at low elo. Your carries will fail.
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User Info: burn_ur_toast

6 years ago#5
About 100 games into ranked and hopefully finally out of low elo hell (hit the 1300 mark this evening although I've been here twice before falling back in) and I can say that people are right that you don't deserve to be in higher elo if you can't carry your team. I have learned a lot. How to deal with a feeder on your team etc...

Anyways some advice:

Learn a AD carry. Well.
Learn a Tank that isn't autoban. Well.
Learn a Support Class/Hybrid. Well.
Learn a AP Character. Well.

Work on your map awareness and help others out. Be kind even if you're losing. /Ignore players that don't play well. If you get leavers report them 100% of the time. And queue with a friend. Make sure your classes work well together and you know each-others play-styles well.

Combinations that have worked well for me:

Jungle Udyr (pre Nerf) + Nidalee
Jungle Fiddle + Malphite

I play Nidalee, Malphite, Malzahar and Ashe. If you want any chance of getting out you need to not only carry your team but make up for the fact that 1-2 people will autolock and you'll have to make adjustments.

Get better if you want to get out of low Elo.

User Info: lionheart5656

6 years ago#6
You could try being a decent player.

I don't even try 90% of the time and I still manage to make it to 145x elo.
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User Info: Andy_Fool

6 years ago#7
So basically if my 1 or 2 of my team feeds I can still carry right? I read that you couldn't in this but if you can then it's all good.

Also, Udyr runes, are they really needed? At the moment I have health quints, Mpen reds, mana regen yellows and CDR/mana regen/magic resist/AP blues (mainly AP though). If the runes aren't THAT important then I'll just jungle, otherwise I'll just stick with Akali/Shen/Malz/MF.

User Info: mattislegion

6 years ago#8
The enemies are just as bad as your teammates, despite what all the QQing would have you believe. It's easy to carry in low elo if you're good.
"When you asked for light I set myself on fire."

User Info: innocent_people

6 years ago#9
I dunno, you get teams like the one I had my second match.

Me: "Group together."

And they spread out MORE T_T.

I end up trying to mega carry as Kennen and nearly ace their entire team but it was not enough.

But, then you get teams that listen but are still bad and you can carry that.

"Target the carry."

And they do O.O its amazing.

I also love people who know how to last hit minions.

so I am 2-3 ranked, two of which were mega Kennen carries.

I guess everyone is right just pick a carry and rise to the challenge.

User Info: Reakt00r

6 years ago#10
I played Akali, the rest of the team went Veiger, Singed, Heimer and Zil (bad team comp and no junglers, I know)

So why didn't you just jungle with Akali? >_>
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