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User Info: IAmNotTyph

6 years ago#1
Is it better to go 21/0/9, 21/9/0, or 0/21/9? I would assume defensive masteries would be good considering he's extremely squishy early game, but he dies so fast anyway would it better to go offense for the killing people easier?

User Info: Soveliss07

6 years ago#2
i generally go with 21/9/0 for Twitch, but you really shouldn't take my word because i suck with Twitch. he's fun, and i always have fun, but i've only had one good game with him ever =\

User Info: xbombr

6 years ago#3
21/9/0 isn't bad. I'm thinking going into the defensive tree more might be better though. His offense is already fairly good, he just doesn't have the survivability to take advantage of it, especially early on when defensive masteries help the most.
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User Info: HTOWN

6 years ago#4
You're definately not going to want to go 21 in defense. Go 21-0-9 and get the mana or exp in utility. You just have to realize when you play Twitch that you have to take it easy early. A good Twitch game is dependant on not falling behind the EXP and money curve(I suppose that's true for any champ, but it seems moreso for Twitch). Early game Twitch is one of the weakest in the game. His Ult at level 6 is pathetic and his damage and attack speed are garbage until you can rank up Ambush and expunge. BUT the tradeoff is that once you get a couple items you can selectively gank with relative ease. Patience is key, so don't waste your masteries on defense.

My theory is that Twitch's health is so low it's not like the 4% damage reduction is going to save you that often; in my experience it's not like I'm barely escaping a long close battle. I either get the kill, weaken the hell out of someone and run and re-stealth, or I get completely mashed. You'll be better served with the better bang for your buck in offensive masteries because you should be hitting and running...
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User Info: ISamfisherI

6 years ago#5
21/0/9 with exp & buff duration. I dont know why these people need an entire paragraph to explain it
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