Ryze masteries 9/0/21 or 0/9/21

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User Info: satinangora

6 years ago#1

User Info: mattislegion

6 years ago#2
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User Info: Cecil Ragnarok

Cecil Ragnarok
6 years ago#3
why would you ever turn down 15% spell pen on a caster
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User Info: realfreako

6 years ago#4
For the 1% max mana hp regen thingie
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User Info: Bayerskt

6 years ago#5
9/7/14 is the best. m.pen from offense. strength of spirit from defence and expanded mind, meditation and quickness (2/3) from utility is best imo and several guides recommend it.

strength of spirit will give you sick hp regen when you have 4k mana late game.

User Info: ArmyOfWin

6 years ago#6
^ yeah was going to suggest that.

Should come down to whether you want 9/0/21 or 9/7/14. Ryze's HP regen is fairly ridiculous with strength of spirit, but you are passing up 6% CDR and shortened summoner recharge in order to get it.

User Info: angelwkw3

6 years ago#7
if an extra 60 mana at level 18 is useful then yea get expanding mind...get something more useful like extended buff durations or even greed.

User Info: TheMightyOak

6 years ago#8
While people rag on expanded mind, it's an extra 50 mana per 1000. That's an extra 5 damage for his Q for every 1k mana just from expanded mind.

Any late game ryze will have over 3k mana with some nearing 5k.

That's an additional 15-25 damage on every Q just from 4 matery points.

Without running any numbers I can safely say that the 15% mpen and 4% extra damage overall are the only abilities that can contribute a similar amount of damage for ryze.

User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

6 years ago#9
Get the 9 defense
50+ hp per sec is amazing
9/7/14 sounds good.
Expanded mind not really.

User Info: xXxDarkSidexXx

6 years ago#10
Doesn't Expanded Mind only affect BASE mana? Why bother with it?
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