help refine poppy item build?

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User Info: decibelz15

6 years ago#1
I have been reading builds and experimenting, and I've started playing a hybrid poppy that seems to work well, but I can't test in real games because theres always an idiot or a disconnect on my team. I buy, in this order
rejuvination bead
ninja tabi
rod of ages
starks fervor
rylais crystal scepter
phantom dancer.
it's expensive, but after tiamats farming becomes viable for poppy, rod of ages doesn't distinguish itself but the stats are nice, starks is great for team and the lifesteal is wonderful, rylais for the slow and 500 hp, and phantom dancer because it strengthens everything else. she ends up with like 442 mov speed, 3k health, great lifesteal for surrounding team, etc. rejuv bead goes into tiamat. so. anything you'd replace, change buying order, or give advice to a beginner?
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User Info: That1Person

6 years ago#2
Phantom Dancer? Not really sure about that.
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User Info: Crimson_Feather

6 years ago#3
You should add Sheen/Lich Bane/Triforce somewhere.

User Info: decibelz15

6 years ago#4
really? because of the cost coming that late, meaning you can't really build up to it or what? becuase I really enjoy it. 50% attack speed,
30% crit chance, and
15% movement speed

it helps chase runners, get in more hits before they run, and hit hard more often.
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User Info: DPMplusFP

6 years ago#5, I don;t think this is better than the traditional AP Build
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User Info: Aezur

6 years ago#6
You don't want attack speed as poppy. All your damage comes from hitting Q. You want a trinity force if youre going AD, or a lichbane if you're going ap.
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User Info: Vascela

6 years ago#7
I like building

Doran Shield 1st
Boots of Sit
Will of Ancients
Lich Bane
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